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  1. *RwS*
    Created by *RwS*
    If there are,they will know who this is :)
  2. cccdfern
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    Comments and Feedback to This Thread please.

    • Set skill XP requirements to "100 400 500 800"
    • g_medicSelfhealTime 5000 The time in milliseconds that a medic cannot heal himself after being hit
    • XPSave is being changed to 40k = reset, so once you reach 40,000 xp, you are reset to 0 total & in all skills
    • Bot max xp set to 10
    • Quantity of ranks/levels changed from...
  3. magneTiK
    Created by magneTiK
    Hi everyone , I used to play on OZ a long time ago , but I thought I'd reinstall ET some for gg's.

    I've met a couple of you on Teamspeak and a couple here and there in game.

    Cheezel still makes me look bad, lol.
  4. cccdfern
    Created by cccdfern in category Gaming