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What are the ETPub server rules?

Swearing and Abuse
During a public game, match, scrim, clan war or any other game server time where you hold the OZ tags or are representing OZ, do not abuse other players or get into banter. It's not pretty, it wrecks the server atmosphere and no one leaves satisfied. When you are representing OZ or wearing OZ tags all your actions you conduct on any server, not just ours directly affect our image. If you are seen doing so, you may gain an infraction, or if multiple occurrence, be removed from OverZealous Gamers. All players involved may be banned depending on the severity of the situation AS WELL as gain infractions.

Cheating and Hacking
Each of these are considered equal among all games for the OverZealous Gamers. If you are hacking you are cheating. We condone only fair game-play on all our servers. If a player is found to be hacking, they will be banned from that game server and removed from the OverZealous Gamers Divisions. We find hacking serious, steam bans you from playing that game entirely if you're found to be hacking, so we take a strong stance equally.

Accusing of Hacks

If your found to be yelling hacks toward a player in global chat, you will be muted. If you think a player is hacking then contact a admin either via Private message via that game, add them and contact them through steam, or come to the forum and report the issue to a Moderator who will pass on your request.

Spamming and Flooding Chat
If it is deemed you are flooding the chat area, whether it by any form, global, team or private message, you will be muted via that game, if you continue at any other occasion an infraction may be placed against you. It takes up real-estate, depending on the game can be very distracting, and just means our log size for our game servers, are possible 40 bytes larger now!
Mar 14, 2017
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