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What are the Forum rules

Respect When Posting

When posting it will be expected you show respect to all cultures, genders and races. It is expected you show equal respect among all users of the OverZealous Gamers forum and that it will be mutually shown in return. Directly or indirectly insulting, belittling, degrading, mocking or denigrate another persons opinion, question, or another post in general, will result in an infraction. Disagreement and Criticism is of course encouraged, however criticism should only be constructive and Disagreement should be matched with respect and reasoning.

No Spam Posts

E.g. Lol, "Cool story", "Yeah it's awesome", "Great", "GJ", "k". The use of such posts will result in an Infraction point for 3 months and have the post immediately deleted on detection. Spam will also be considered if you make multiple posts directly after one another. One post per point.

Old or Inactive Threads

If a thread is more than 40 days old (it's last reply has been more than 30 days old), DO NOT, post on the thread. This is courtesy to ensure old content is not revived over and over again. There is no point digging up old posts and reviving them. If there is an issue more than 30 days old than start a new thread even if the issue is very similar. Doing so, will have that post removed. Repeat offence will result in an infraction point for 3 months.

No inappropriate language

Inappropriate language is considered profane language or "swearing" within posts. The use of filtered profanity is also prohibited for e.g. f*ck or d*ck. Regardless how creative the masking is of the word you will still gain an infraction for using them. The filter is there in case a moderator doesn't see it right away, it's not an invitation to post and expect it get filtered.

No Illegal Content

Posting of Warez or illegal content, or links to offsite such material. This includes but is not limited to Illegal torrent data, Movies, Music or Games. If you are unsure whether particular content will be aloud to be posted to prevent an infraction against you, contact a forum moderator and they will verify this with you.

Pornographic and Violent Content

The use of Pornographic content is explicitly prohibited. In the case of posting such material, you will get 4 infraction points for 9 months. Pornographic content includes material R18+ standard or above by Australian Standard. It ALSO includes material such as Nudity, Extreme Violence and Gore or Morbidly Gruesome Content.

Troll threads or Posts

By making a troll post you will get 3 Infraction Points for 6 months. The act of trolling generally and in summary the act of conducting an act to specifically and usually singularly, infuriate, frustrate or annoy, another person or group. If a post like this is deemed in this category such action will be taken. We expect every poster and player to be kind to one another, it's the community we want and if you disrupt that you will be exiled quickly.

Racism, Sexism or Disrespect

If Racism or Sexism is displayed, conveyed or implied. You will permanently gain 5 Infraction points toward your account. It is not accepted under any circumstances and will certainly not be tolerated. In the event of Disrespect or conducting abuse toward a non-member or member of the OverZealous Gamers, you will be penalised 4 Points for 12 months.

Avatar & Signature Rules

When you become a user you may have a custom avatar for your username which is viewed at every post you make. The restrictions for what is "allowed" is that it must be tasteful and appropriate for all ages. So if you have someone getting their eyes torn out, that is not appropriate. Common sense is the best rule and if you seem to lack it then you will incur 3 infraction points for 6 months.

Nobody at -OZ- is paid for helping run events, maintain servers, moderate or Conduct in forum discussion. All of us have real lives and we are all real people with different personalities and attributes. Please think about this before making a decision that may possibly result in an infraction or a ban at the OverZealous Gamers. Enjoy yourself and respect all players and Guidelines and things will run smoothly.
Mar 14, 2017
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