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  1. ExoticTripZzz
    Use DevilzSun Ingame
  2. OZ Invader
  3. LEMR
  4. Bucket
    I'll try and make an effort in a couple of weeks. Currently have painters in the house, what a nightmare.
  5. cccdfern
    cccdfern Bucket
    Thanks for dropping by, we do have players on server most nights now, occasionally get into the low 20s. Would be good to see another familiar face on the server if you have the time to play.
  6. Akh-Horus
    Akh-Horus <UO> PINKY
    Hey mate - Sabs here - grouse to see ya,
  7. Teddles
    Teddles matilda
    1. matilda
      Dec 27, 2016
  8. OZ Invader
    OZ Invader fildo
    Happy b day man
  9. Phoenix
    Phoenix Overmars
    I see he tends to ban a few and none of it for hacking, he simply cant take a joke and/or despises people giving it back.
  10. OZ Invader
    OZ Invader cccdfern
    Hi fern my friend
  11. Decks_74
    Decks_74 cccdfern
    Oh my gosh, I miss all of you guys!!!
    1. cccdfern
      Hey there!

      We've not been doing minecraft for a good while now, although we did try an ftb one for a time, that fell through when we had to change host - so thats a no go.

      But we are keeping it and going to have another go with a [b]pve[/b] server, whitelisted depending on interest.
      Sep 17, 2016
    2. Decks_74
      Ah, cool! Hope you're doing well :)
      Sep 18, 2016
  12. alch3my
    alch3my Ulti
    Try not to get stabbed. Hear it can be rough for kids down there during school holidays.
  13. CowsWithGuns
  14. arron.james
  15. LEMR
    Hand over the Emus and no-one gets hurt
  16. Sh1rts
    Sh1rts CowsWithGuns
    wtf Invader man.. lol
    1. CowsWithGuns
      i cant even
      Jul 8, 2016
  17. Abolisher
  18. Ulti
    Ulti noobItUp
    dude.. i think this invader guy actually has a mental condition or something... or hes like 11, no way hes 34
  19. phillgates2
    phillgates2 matilda
    updated your profile can see et leader stuff now
  20. TopCAt!
    Now Can Post