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    ETPub Changelog

    December shenanigans Xmas skins mod added (quiet version) Maps Removed: Goldrush stopwatch Battery Recharged Caen 4 kerkyra Added: UJE Goldrush Goldrush-gals UJE Christmas Sniper B7 (timelimit 15, spawn time 2, shield 4) Warbell http://overzealousgamers.com/files/etmain/
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    KFC is a big fat loser

    Well, I have half a script which will hopefully be added in the future, (need to find the rest of it) -- original script by .harald http://etpub.org/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=45 -- pheno: fixed the use of removed table.getn to run with Lua 5.2 API (ETpub > 0.9.1) unevenDiff = 2...
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    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    That ship looks so fucking cool :O
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    Your Favorite: Song?

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    Your Favorite: Song?

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    Stopwatch mode on ET server

    Rounds changed to 2 as per vote Maps changed to: sw_oasis_b3 sw_battery_b4 et_headshot2_b1 - Doesn't seem to support stopwatch Würzburg Radar sw_goldrush_te frostbite
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    StopWatch 2 or 4 rounds

    Currently stopwatch is best of two, 4 rounds till next map (rotation).
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    Your Favorite: Song?

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    ETMIN alternative.

    Legacy also does windowed full screen
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    Stopwatch mode on ET server

    Swapping defaults for sw versions: sw_oasis_b3 sw_battery sw_goldrush_te sw_fueldump_te
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    Stopwatch mode on ET server

    Warm-up significantly shortened Players can now jump whilst out of stamina Map changes after 4 rounds
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    Stopwatch mode on ET server

    Not much to change, still haven't found a comp server cfg to steal from. This should be all the relevant cvars ////GAMES-CVARS//// set g_speed "320" set g_moverScale "1.2" set g_spoofOptions "3" set g_privateMessages "1" set g_weapons "4070" set g_goomba "60" set g_goombaFlags "24" set...
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    Stopwatch mode on ET server

    Stopwatch cycle: Apparently this isn't working and is not being used atm. //Map-Cycle Stopwatch //by Erik Melon (Deveus) // //3 = Stopwatch //Stopwatch Rotation. A full ABBA or ABAB rotation requires 4 rounds per map. //A simple map_restart is all that is needed for rounds 2-4. //*****Siwa...
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    Flying⚡️Doctor ~R.I.P.~ Dr.✜John☘️Hinds. The Fastest Road Racing Doctor,

    Not sure if I've posted this before, however its well worth the watch.
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    Trains n Stuff

    Huh, wow. Wonder how often that happens.