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  2. server back up


  1. cccdfern
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    Comments and Feedback to This Thread please.

    • Set skill XP requirements to "100 400 500 800"
    • g_medicSelfhealTime 5000 The time in milliseconds that a medic cannot heal himself after being hit
    • XPSave is being changed to 40k = reset, so once you reach 40,000 xp, you are reset to 0 total & in all skills
    • Bot max xp set to 10
    • Quantity of ranks/levels changed from...
  2. cccdfern
    Created by cccdfern in category Gaming
  3. phillgates2
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    Just letting every body know that BlackRacoons hosting company that we have been going through for a few years now has been sold yesterday to another hosting company.
    So we might be moving servers and getting new ip addresses for et minecraft and ark but will depend on what BR comes up with tonight or this week.
    More info will be coming soon with the changes that might be taking place.