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  1. Baker Street

    Metro Exodus

    Due out Feb 19
  2. Baker Street

    Frame drop on new PC

    I share your pain Tyrian. After weeks of trying to get my old ET to run with my new rig (GTX1080, 4K monitor) and giving up many times in frustration, I did just what phill said. It only needed a little bit of tweaking, but once I had it working I asked myself why hadn't I done this sooner? It...
  3. Baker Street

    Do you really want 4K?

    ...with no native 8K content to watch or play. By the time 8K content starts to roll out, 16K will the new big thing heh I hope I am still around when the next generation of visual technology is born - something so mind-blowing new we can't even imagine it yet. Like TV was back in the day. But...
  4. Baker Street

    Do you really want 4K?

    Yeah me too and I totally agree. Although with a 28" monitor, even with a high end gaming rig (GTX 1080, Intel i7 8700K), I find it better to throttle new triple A rated graphic games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider back to 1440p and still keep all the game's ultra graphics settings with a...
  5. Baker Street

    Do you really want 4K?

    Very informative (and funny) analysis of the development of video formats leading up to, ahem, 4K. It's just a talking head with neat video tricks, but jeez I wish I had more teachers like him in high school.
  6. Baker Street

    Battlefield V

  7. Baker Street

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    Absolutely love this game - set in the mountains and jungles of Peru and so gorgeous to look at, lots of challenges, puzzles, quests, many many many baddies to kill with a dozen different bows and arrows, shotties, assault rifles, pistols, knives, axes, and a very clever main storyline. Has a...
  8. Baker Street

    Your Favorite: Song?

  9. Baker Street

    Wolfenstein 2 : The New Colossus

  10. Baker Street

    Gday to all the diehards in a wasteland of empty servers.

    Howdy and welcome. I remember you guys - there were quite a few >OB<'s running around in different clans. Nearly joined oFs meself (under a different name) but changed my mind and joined -NS- (NachtSoldats), just as it imploded and disappeared. Ahh well.
  11. Baker Street

    ETMIN alternative.

    So I was setting up a new install of ET to have some old time FPS action, but etmin don't work for me anymore. Seems my new rig with its fancy pantsy Nvidia Geforce Experience Game Overlay reserves Alt-Z for itself, even when it's not open, so that when you run etmin you get the 'crapolio'...
  12. Baker Street

    Trains n Stuff

    How to put derailed engine back on the tracks with a sledgehammer and couple of wood blocks...
  13. Baker Street

    Your Favorite: Song?

    Awesome cover
  14. Baker Street

    Where's the derpbox?????????

    Nah still no go. If I click on archive and then delete /archive in the URL address bar and replace it with /derpbox I get this - (that is assuming archive and derpbox live together in the /chat directory).
  15. Baker Street

    Where's the derpbox?????????

    Is it just me, but when I click on chat Archive and derpbox show up - I can click on archive and it takes me to the archive section - click on derpbox and nothing happens (also derpbox does not get underlined to indicate it is a link?) (also also the same happens if I click on the the chat...
  16. Baker Street

    Where's the derpbox?????????

    Hmmm - when i click on the chat icon, the derpbox is greyed out and non-selectable
  17. Baker Street

    Where's the derpbox?????????

    Yerp TYVM - what ever wand you waved all good now -
  18. Baker Street

    Where's the derpbox?????????

    and the bottom -
  19. Baker Street

    Where's the derpbox?????????

    OK dont have dat animal - this is what is see -
  20. Baker Street

    New comp specs

    Just idly saw this post from 2010 and thought how times change. I just updated my old clunker (now off to recycle heaven) with this - Case: Pryon Tempered Glass Gaming 12 function LED Mobo: Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 5 CPU: Intel i7 8700k GPU: Nvidia GTX1080 8GB PSU: Corsair 750W HXi 80+...