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    wat do u fink of the OZ hitboxes ???

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    So, how is it?

    ~~~~TITLE~~~ What's your opinion? Worth buying?
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    anyone play wow?

    halp, wow is so different now :C
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    New pc

    Hey guys I made a thread ages ago about making a new pc for myself but I just didn't have the spare cash....to splash. It's probably outdated now so,..... Anyway, i'm looking to get a PC this weekend. I've got a mate to help me put it together. All parts from MSY I need a monitor as well...
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    RTCW revival petition!

    http://wolfmp.info/petition.php Sign it ! <3 Probably worthless, but I guess it couldn't hurt.
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    http://www.foddy.net/Athletics.html HARDEST GAME EVER
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    Etpro Crash and Mouse Sens

    HALP 1) In windows vista should "Enhance pointer precision" be turned off/on?(Is it mouse acceleration?) 2) Why in ETpro does et.exe crash after loading a new map. 3) After the "Fight!" sound has played and the game has begun why does my gun look retarded for the entire game?(ETPRO) ty
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    ulti do you still play WOW?

    on barth?
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    server browser?

    What server browser do you use? Im sick of COGS.... DONT SAY XFIRE COS THAT'S AWFUL.
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    What's your ~~ALL TIME FAVORITE GAME~~ ?
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    Merry Christmas!

    I hope everyone has a happy Xmas and new years!! If you are drinking and taking drugs. Don't drive! Take care everyone.
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    Bands that you like that are embarrassing.

    Britney Spears and a few Miley Cyrus songs :( :( :(
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    Is there a band that are worse than Nickelback?

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    XfX beat pigs

    wat, but seriously...............wtf?
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    Paranormal Activity

    FIRSTLY FUCK i hate FUCKING school holidays @ the cinemas, ruins the experience of many films. Anyway I thought it was pretty scary. I actually let off a b!tch squeal at the end. What'd you guys think? Horror is probably my favorite genre, any ideas on movies I could check out - tell meee!
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    GBA Roms

    Anyone got a good site I can download them from?
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3nn-2fw ... PL&index=1 Post terrible music w/ youtube links!
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    Request for a demo

    I know Joy has posted the 'final word on this' and all that but she should of uploaded the demo with her post. If possible could an admin/player upload the demo of ivanatinkle allegedly 'hacking'. I'm sure i'm not the only one that would like to take a look at it and give an opinion on it. Not...
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    Tripple J Top 100 of all time.

    What did you guys think? Some songs were absolutely awful to be in the top 20. Smells like teen spirit being the number one song of ALL TIME is absurd!