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    Faction : ProC4

    [Pro C4] What we are We claim to be the richest on the server. We also have the strongest base and are, well the strongest. We take pride in our mcmmo and our many many diamonds. [Users] Leader: Munga911 Officers: Members: - DragonAttacker9 - Snebic - DreWzeR14 Recruits: - [How to join] There...
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    Problems with water and TNT

    So, we have a small bug, this bug allows TNT to break blocks even if water is covering them. This is due to the new "Obsidian Breaker" plugin that was added, this bug makes cannoning near impossible because it breaks the cannon even through the water, this was no accident, I tested it many...
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    New Way To Play!

    ok, hear me out before you totally reject this and send hate because it is a new idea. So most of us that play factions on this server, you've been there. just wanting a raid so badly you're gonna die! (At least for me) Well, I have a new idea that may help this and be a little cool and new...
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    Since the Minecraft EULA hasn't gone into affect, I believe we should be able to buy some items, I'm not talking about ranks, just items such as $15 for a spawner [Probably one that isn't in the wild] Ex: No Skeleton/Zombie/Spider Spawners, but more rare ones. I also think that you should add...
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    Are wither skeletons disabled?

    I've been running around for about 1 hour in 2 different nether fortresses and no skeles have spawned. Are they disabled?
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    NoCheatPlus Problems

    I am trying to use Inventory Tweaks to sort my chests, it doesn't work because in NoCheatPlus has inventory.fastclick and combined.improbable on. could you disable this? or is the mod too op?
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    Fix the shop.

    This is getting annoying, you have corrupted the economy, please fix it somehow. Shop owner does not have enough money, STILL. and you guys still persist and say that it is fixed. But it isn't! please, all I am asking is for an economy.
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    So as you know the shop is BROKEN I have a solution other than taking TONS of time to fix it. Use this Plugin which works globally and is easy to set up! http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/guishop/ I think this would add of easy-to-use selling and would be great so people don't have to warp...
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    Could I get a list of all the mcmmo changes from default. It would really help, Thanks!