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    Can this boy be slapped?

    lol. I'd totes do what Bluey did on purpose. Killing a teammate when they're just about to hit the map record is one of the most fun things you can do in ET, right up there with stepping on land mines and filing a complaint, or knifing a teammate instead of reviving them.
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    Sounds like all the fun bits are gone =[
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    This = Lestat? (drunk rager but I thought you were kinda funny cos you never focused your rage at me? changed your name HEAPS too?)
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    I told BR to set that up at the beginning, but then he can't hide where he siphons his hooker money from. There weren't enough servers at the time that he could've just been an extra $20/month for each one, so he had to keep the books closed =[ You guys need to donate, otherwise BR can't...
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    ET Dead - I think not.

    Best ET site ever. BR should know this one - http://wolfet.awardspace.com/home.htm
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    An idea

    His post got deleted.
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    An idea

    ? You have issues Antagonist. I'm just trying to get my friends idea to pass. I didn't mention you anywhere in there. I don't see how anything in my post made me a nerd, considering you're the only playing the super-old game. The amount of dedication you have to such an old game is nerdier...
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    Sending PM's

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    An idea

    I'm really sorry your idea didn't go through BR =[ I wish it had gone through. Then, you would've ended up with a semi-private community, instead of a public one, where you get people like Joker. I still don't see the downside to this plan. BR gets rich, people who cause him problems get...
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    While on my holiday

    It's Happy. I personally am quite impressed by his maturity. 10-year old stuff is a 25% increase on the 8-year old garbage I expected from him! Jks. I expected 4 year-old nonsenical garbage. 'poo-poo-head' in particular. Good to see HaPpY is still keeping up his keyboard ninja skillz...
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    While on my holiday

    it's funny because YOU called someone a douchebag.
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    Firefox 4 is out

    I specifically use IE6 in an XP vm for all my internet banking. <3.
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    Swapping CPU's

    It's more for creating a software information system/corporate system using databases for a business. It's like, a big IT area now.
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    Swapping CPU's

    Corporate Systems = Software Information Systems hey? Just setting up database systems for businesses kinda. I picked it as one of my majors too. Sounds sweet. I'm doing crap programming, boring maths, and semi-ok intro to databases subject. It's mostly a repeat of IPT.
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    Swapping CPU's

    You do realise that they're like, stuck into the motherboard inside your laptop don't you? And they'd be impossible to safely remove and install, even if they were compatible don't you? Also, your C2D processor is a low-voltage processor, so going with an i5 presumably standard voltage...
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    NGP vs Xperia

    Pretty sure you're wrong...
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    Ipswich motorway innundated

    Our lecturer sent it out ~1:30pm yesterday? Saying no classes today, assignment extension. First as a blackboard announcement, then as a plain email. http://www.zdnetasia.com/aus-floods-tak ... 205576.htm
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    Ipswich motorway innundated

    Rescue boats were sent in to get 100 people out of St Lucia. UQ and QUT Garden's Point are going to be the worst unis hit by far. On a plus, my assignment is due Tuesday instead of Today now =D
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    Comic Monday again

    Rofl at Goldrush. Does knife + F to drop crate work in etmain or only pub?
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    Needing a new laptop

    dv6 is nice, it's one of the three alternatives to the XPS 15 that I suggested to BR.