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    Enemy territory Keeps Crashing

    Temps we're fine, I bought a 850W powersupply and no more problems :) thanks everyone.
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    Matratz aimbot

    Definitely some things are suspicious as fuck, Watched the demo and although I missed a few things which looked weird I managed to get the times on some things Go to a few seconds before these times, he seems to get head shots and then follow the head all the way to the ground. 20:36 20:00...
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    Enemy territory Keeps Crashing

    Thanks yeah ended up costing $2100 and Yeah it would shut down the computer and then 30 seconds later it would restart. I've reinstalled my gpu drivers, to no avail and the windows log thats actually funny I'll upload it. Errors: Event Viewer>Windows logs>System Warning only: Event11 wininit...
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    Enemy territory Keeps Crashing

    Hey guy's I've recently started playing again although for some reason when I play ET seems to crash my computer (turns off for 30seconds, then restarts itself) http://speccy.piriform.com/results/MuCIuNBSj1e0474qD7Sihkv (Computer specs) Basics: OS: Windows 7 profession 64-bit SP1 CPU:Intel...
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    Possible Wallhacker

    I just thought I'd sent it in anyway, there is a couple really sus things, the looking at the wall instead of leaning can be just drawn down to using the sound,but, not so much the other things. Sorry fern all my games are recorded :P it would be towards the end of the game. I stopped recording...
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    Possible Wallhacker

    All my games are recorded so you'll have to watch me play, I didn't have time to edit it. While me and Bambi we're playing we both got suspicious of "The Green Gentleman" So I recorded him and there is a few things that a suspicious, granted he could be using his sound but some things just seem...
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    Maps 2014

    Not too sure what it could be if everyone else is getting normal speeds then somehow my ET is limiting your server only. Either way feel free to throw the download I put up in the top post Since it has it all in one download. Although it includes the maps that will most likely never get played.
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    Maps 2014

    All at that speed. I downloaded them from your "http://overzealousgamers.com/files/etmain/" perfectly fine at a reasonable speed. but in ET it's terrible. yet I download maps on other servers fine.
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    Maps 2014

    Well all I know is when I try downloading for your server I'm lucky to get 12kb/s So I've taken the liberty of uploading all the "Pk3" files from the etmain folder on your server. They were downloaded directly from your "http://overzealousgamers.com/files/etmain/" and added to a RAR. Download...
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    Up for a Scrim?

    WTF has that got to do with the price of fish in china? anyway what server are we using guys and is it today at 6pm sydney time?
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    Brake Lights

    Lol I can't get my brake lights working :( Check List: *Bulbs replaced *Fuses Replaced *Relays Checked *Brake Switch seems to earth off and spark so I guess that works *Tail lights work *Cruise Control works (In the logbook it says there hooked together for some reason) Anything else?
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    Your Favorite: Song?

    Nice bandido I prefer the original by RedGums it's actually on my playlist listen to it at work haha :) JOWL!! LOOK!! HOPSIN- SEXY CYBER! [video=youtube;7ao8N1XS6b8]