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  1. Xen

    IP can only connect 2 people???

    Hey guys It has come to my attention that we cannot connect over 2 ips of the same type to the server, this is quite annoying as I have more than 2 friends that like to have LANs or frag seshes at mine and we can't on ET because of this. So please raise the amount of connections made by the...
  2. Xen

    Xen's New Business

    Hey guys, Just letting you all know that a mate and I have set up a new Graphic and Web Design business and we would love the support from the OZ crew, we currently have a facebook page setup, and are currently building our website. If you are interested in supporting us to get the word out...
  3. Xen

    New Modem Router For Xen

    Hey guys, just want some more opnions on buying a new router for my home as the one I have now is a piece of ****. I have been looking at the ASUS DSL-N55U (link below). http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=200_1439&products_id=20032 So to cut to the main...
  4. Xen

    If you, love randomness

    http://youtu.be/zUnVLELDzzI http://youtu.be/_FJUopOLhtQ http://youtu.be/B_v12D0-bWw Sooo stupid.
  5. Xen

    [ET] Xen. [PASSED]

    -Hi I'm Justin, also known as Xen. -Full time uni student, doing an advanced diploma in graphic design. I enjoy playing ET when I can especially when my connection is good. I am interested in pit bikes, mountain bikes and anything cool that you can get hurt doing. I'm currently building a pit...
  6. Xen


    Hey all Xen here, latley I have been struggling to hit heads(ting ting), and I know the old come back "aim for the head then", I do aim and 3/4 of the time nothing hits, any thoughts?
  7. Xen

    Crossfire for ET

    Hey guys, just wanted to clear something up... does ET support AMD Crossfire? Reason me asking this is because I feel like I'm not getting the right amound of fps with the cards that I have, cards are XFX68501GB in crossfire of course. Bottom line question.. Can ET run AMD crossfire? Thanks.
  8. Xen

    Hi I'm Xen.

    Hey guys I am Xen, I play ET when there are people on the server, sadly its not during the day most the time, I am at Uni most the week studying Grpahic Design it's good fun I get to draw, I live in Melbourne in a subrub call Langwarrin, it's nice. Well if you ever want to ask me some question...
  9. Xen

    Xen. [NOT PASSED]

    Hi all how are you all doing tonight, thats good. My name is Justin I play under the name vaN.Xen or just Xen, I have been playing ET around about 6 years. Go me.. I am a full time university student studying a Advance Deploma in Graphic Design, I enjoy motocross, mountain biking, cars and...