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    [Digital] Where to buy cheap CD - Keys?

    Im pretty sure we've bought cd keys from some site somewhere, im just looking for a TRUSTED website since i don't want to pay full price from overpriced sellers *cough cough EA* cheers.
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    Dota 2 Beta Participants?

    add Gunblade to the list!
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    Stringers's Application for OZ

    Good to see you made your app, im sure i replied to this, but if i forgot Congrats Stringer you can feel free to slap on the tags, i have been very busy as of late and its been abit of a 1 man army.
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    Passed ..::YEAH TOAST::.. oz app!

    sorry for the wait. have been busy Congratulations, feel free to slap on the -OZ- tags and join our servers.
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    Passed ..::YEAH TOAST::.. oz app!

    hello toast! noobitup i would prefer you not to post in applications, congrats on making it to the forums toast. please wait 24hours for a verdict on your app. in the meantime feel free to hop on our servers and teamspeak :D ~Gunblade
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    Passed Sfool Application

    heya Sfool, great to see you made it to our forums and applied :) your application is now under review expect a verdict within 24hrs in the meantime feel free to jump on our teamspeak, tf2 servers and add me. ~ Gunblade
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    Passed Swan's application!

    Congratulations Swan we have accepted you into -OZ- feel free to slap on the tags and jump on our servers!
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    Passed Swan's application!

    Hello Swan! glad to see it you made it to the forums. Your application is now under review. I and the other tf2 leader [Sexual Harassment Panda] will talk. expect a verdict within the next 24hrs. in the meantime, feel free to hop on our teamspeak, game servers or even add -OZ- members on steam...