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1.2.4 update is out! 23rd March 2012


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The server is going to have to wait a day or three for plugins to be updated accordingly so if you want to play on it please do not update

List of fixes:
  • Chat history and much better chat editing
  • A few new decoration blocks
  • “Back” and “Quit” buttons to OutOfMemoryScreen
  • Made cats more realistic (read: probably annoying). I hope it’s enough to cancel out any joy you may receive from the previous feature!
  • Added a “minimal” debug menu for testing with. Shift+F3 to hide the graphs.
  • Made placing half blocks on existing half blocks (to make a full block) easier
  • Limit framerate on menu screens, no longer uses 100% cpu and make my computer melt
  • Fixed fatal crash for converted worlds to anvil, when there’s blocks at max height
  • Fixed an old bug with signs clearing text while you’re editing them in SMP
  • Fixed crash when logging in while there are blocks at maxheight at spawn
  • Fixed TNT ghosts in multiplayer
  • Fixed storage minecarts dropping enchanted items
  • Fixed crashes on invalid server addresses when joining a server
  • Fixed entities being uninteractable if they existed at login (Multiplayer)
  • Fixed dupe exploit with paintings
  • Fixed furnaces and dispensers dropping enchanted items
  • Fixed the “flickering” of chat as it vanishes off the screen
  • Fixed text rendering over items in the container screens
  • Fixed exploit with jungle saplings (turns other saplings into jungle ones)
  • Fixed launcher opening minecraft dir if the path contains a space
  • Fixed an off-by-one lighting bug
  • Fixed block transmuting (turning one block into another via pistons)
  • Fixed placing mushrooms in daylight, where they can’t survive
  • Fixed redstone lamps dropping powered block items when destroyed while on
  • “save-all” (server) now works even when you have toggled “save-off”
  • Fixed turning half-blocks into full-blocks while you’re standing on them
  • Fixed seed displaying in F3 debug when the seed is unknown (multiplayer)
  • Fixed villager texture changing clientside per profession
  • Fixed falling off ledge corners while holding shift (this is just for Frodo!)
  • Fixed players falling when reconnecting to servers where they were previously flying
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Server still not updated as yet, there are some serious errors in the last build of craftbukkit and although there is a pretty good beta build out I would rather wait for a better recommended build >.<


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Craftbukkit is finally updated! Not long till we get the server all up to speed.

I am quite sure when it is updated they will do a new release -_-"


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We have no current access to any of the servers through the admin panel as of this time. Please have a little patience.


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Server is updated - let me know if there are any bugs, a couple of the plugins "apparantly" don't need to be updated to work fine >.<