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$30 Windows 7 for students

The Admiral

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http://www.xpmediacentre.com.au/2009/09 ... -students/

Probably $US30 but it'll still definitely be a good price for Australian students. I want 3 copies at least. HTPC, PC, Laptop. But knowing my luck, it'll be one per student or something. Meh. Could probably just reuse the same serial. They won't notice/care.

Note: It's a full, normal 7 disc. NOT A STUDENT VERSION. Just only available at low price to students.

Black Racoon

Head Poncho
Staff member
Knowing microsoft.. it will probably be one per email address.. So just get everyone in your family to do it. Lol im so going to use all of my siblings to get one :). And say my parents are both children too... they have the edu address :p

The Admiral

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I hadn't realised MSDNAA had Australian uni's too. That's awesome. If QUT is part of it, UQ probably will be too. Because UQ has sandstone buildings.