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An idea

Discussion in 'Wolfenstein: ET' started by Trigger Happy, Jun 13, 2011.

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  1. Trigger Happy

    Trigger Happy Moderator

    So we see a lot of threads these days about people thinking others hack or are just plain annoying to the server. These people really ruin our fun and it seems that there isn't anything we can do about it, they either check out clean and aren't hacking or their annoying ways just goes unnoticed by the admins. Well I have a solution to this problem.

    A bounty. Yep that's right, I propose that we put say a $500 (actual amount to be decided) bounty on the heads of players we don't like and we have pledges from players to meet it. If we have enough pledges, we permaban that player. To stop those that just say, oh yeah I'll give X amount and then not pay, if you pledge and don't pay, you too will hit the ban stick for life. I say we allow this for a two week period only, so that we get this over and done with once and for all.

    Now to make this fair on the one getting bountied, the person who will get banned has the chance to match the amount to take their place (in which case the players get to keep their money). This means that at least the server will survive for a while longer and it was fair on all involved. If you have been nominated once, you won't be able to nominated again and you are safe :)

    This will help stop all those people complaining about someone else and also helps boost the server fund wise. So who would be willing to put their money where their mouth is?

  2. blusky

    blusky Well-Known Member

    what am i readin
  3. MysticalFurball

    MysticalFurball New Member

    for be iceman tbh
  4. afkr22

    afkr22 New Member

    Let's assume your logic isn't flawed for a moment. So you want to pay BR various amounts of money to get rid of people you hate from the clan? I know you'll probably say that hated people and hackers are different, but essentially you hate hackers and some people would use this power to get rid of people they hate from the clan. On top of this, the monetary value will either be so high that it's easier just to put up with the person, or so low that people will donate the whole thing to get rid of many people for their peace of mind, deterring people from staying in or joining the clan. Now, let's say that you manage to successfully permaban a hacker. If they're hackers, I can't imagine it'd be that hard to unban themselves under a different username, rendering the whole point null and void. Next point. What's stopping people from putting bounties on disliked people that don't hack, just so the person has to pay to stay in the clan? Pledging and not paying resulting in a permaban? Who knows what kind of financial problems people could run into, or what kind of financial problems people could say they're running into indefinitely if financial problems are a legitimate excuse for not paying? Now for one of the highest flawed arguments in your suggestion. So if you've been nominated before and you paid off/didn't get paid for, you can't be nominated again? Using that logic, hackers that have paid for themselves are free to hack without risk of being banned ever again, I mean they have pretty much paid for their right to hack. This could even potentially increase the number of hackers, giving non-hackers both a reason and a motive to hack, should they get nominated and pay the bounty. In my eyes, your effort to reduce hackers would only lead to more hackers and a server for the hackers to play on, or a clan turned into an exclusive club for people who can afford to keep the clan to themselves.

  5. JoKeR

    JoKeR Well-Known Member

    who thinks trigger happy should be banned?
  6. noobItUp

    noobItUp Super Moderator Staff Member

    Soz trigs i don't like your idea.
  7. nelots

    nelots Well-Known Member

    You should be thinking about ways to attract new/retain players not new stupid ways to ban derps.

    Anyway, lets all agree to ban Rodent kent for not making Proposition 8008135 clause 1.1 happen!!! :banana:
  8. noobItUp

    noobItUp Super Moderator Staff Member

  9. MysticalFurball

    MysticalFurball New Member

  10. Sisibouri

    Sisibouri New Member

    just ban the sooks that keep QQ'ing bout supposed hax, problem solved!!
  11. arabidgypsy

    arabidgypsy Well-Known Member

    ban me

    oh wait you can't
  12. WickedFizz

    WickedFizz Well-Known Member

    I dig it actually :L

  13. JoKeR

    JoKeR Well-Known Member

    wickedfizz so mad now that he is all grown up
  14. WickedFizz

    WickedFizz Well-Known Member

  15. Sunncaeks

    Sunncaeks Well-Known Member

    He's done what now?
  16. Trigger Happy

    Trigger Happy Moderator

    If you're willing to pay for it, sure :) That is the beauty of it.

    @alpha, Do you intermix clan with regular players or do you believe that my post is aimed at purely clan members? In either case, your post holds some flaws. You go to the extremes of that if the value is too low or too high etc, but say it's just right, we get some funds and we get rid of annoying people! It's win-win ;)
    Your point about hackers evading, I don't see that being a problem with our system. Your point about people being too poor to play, well it would mean that they were a pretty big pain in the ass to begin with. Why should we allow people who contribute nothing to sit around and annoy those that actually do? Do you think it is fair to be a player and be constantly harassed? As for the point about hackers, who said that they can't be banned? They just can't be voted out banned, if they are caught hacking then they still get the same treatment. How many hackers are going to fork out a bunch of money to hack on a server? Sounds pretty flawed to me.

    You do miss a key point too, the fact that this is a one off occasion whereby afterwards it wouldn't happen again.

  17. JoKeR

    JoKeR Well-Known Member

    so in other words you had me in mind?
  18. Trigger Happy

    Trigger Happy Moderator

    I don't have you in mind, I don't play enough to be annoyed by your childish behaviour. However, I know of a few others that are annoyed at a few serial annoyances :)

  19. MysticalFurball

    MysticalFurball New Member

    So say i put 100$ on someones head, and they were a good bloke/gal, never went wrong, never hacked, never annoyed anyone, they would be banned if the can't pay up?
    Sorry but that is bobbla. and yeah i'm so cool that i typed bobbla myself.
  20. Trigger Happy

    Trigger Happy Moderator

    The bounty would be decided by a group, not by one person.

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