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Application to join Guild

Discussion in 'Application Section' started by PorT3r, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. PorT3r

    PorT3r Well-Known Member

    Introduce yourself, what are you in game names?

    Hi, I'm PorT3r Never have played this game but want to join this clan.

    Help us get to know you. In this section feel free to tell us about your occupation, hobbies, favourite books/games/movies/artists, celebrity crush etc.

    Well, I am ____
    What do you think you can offer -OZ- as a clan and community member and Why do you want to join -OZ-?

    I’m a friend

    What would you say are your favourite games, platforms? When did you start gaming? (On any platform)?

    I would say ____
    Do you own a microphone?

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