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AztecH-_X says Hey

Hey guys I play ET at the momment due to the PSN network is not running and my mate which is a member of the OZ clan and his brother have told me that I should give you an application so that I can join this friendly loving clan. Btw the people that told me about you's are Nico and Conspiracy, which are in OZ. I have also been talking to OZ Bloodnut and said that I should put in a app for OZ. If I am able to join the OZ clan I will take the time and effort to get on ET regurlary during the week.

Kind Reguards


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Well firstly, welcome to the forums Aztech! To properly apply to join our clan please access the 'Application' section of the forums that Horry has linked you to. There you will find all of the relevant information for joining our clan.

Though I do believe that the ET division has certain criteria you have to meet to be eligible to join. An ET Admin will be able to better field your queries.

Kind Regards,
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Akh-Horus said:
*Cough* I am an ET admin lol.
I had to revise my post when you beat me to the punch by a few seconds. Clearly I didn't look too hard through it and only added your name at the start.