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Banned from dBd??


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Yeah I know but during the day no one plays on our server.

Anyway - my account at dBd forums was removed.......no idea why. I know what my account name is and what the password is - has been removed. Was playing on the server today - playing against bots only - then bang - banned permanently by admin.

So my playing against other people in AU during the day is now removed. No idea why lol.......

Certainly no hacking, rule breaking etc. Anyone from dBd read these forums?

Common sense responses?


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Wow the irony here. You kick me all the time for no reason. Now you're on here having a cry because you got banned from another clans server and you can't play et through the day?
What a joke you are xD


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wtf are you doing playing this game anyway Gary, ..nostalgia?
pubg and fortnight are where it's at now, and when Oct comes BFV! ......see you on the battlefield fatty :trump:

dbd admins frequent the discord channel of this clan. https://www.fpsgamerz.com/ kevinrudd? and his strange friend. They remind me of Romulus and Co they hack and been banned from fpsgamerz, not 100% sure tho.


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No reason I know of other than maybe someone having a bad day. Been playing there for ages and was an admin as well before I resigned. Anyone from dBD want to comment?


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Any idea why? Sure as heck wasn't for hacking that's for sure.

The more time goes on the more I wonder why men in their 50's do this sort of rubbish. Afaik all their admin are in their 50's or older. And in relation to a game- makes their actions mind boggling.

Edit - wall of shame - for what I must ask.
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