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Best and favorite drink(s)?

The following best describes my drinking habits

  • I am feeble and don't like drinking or loud noises

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Non alc: Iron Bru
Alc: Really digging Pimms and ginger ale, splash of the vod and a twist of lime. Those Dark and Stormies are pretty easy to plow through as well
Anyone else?


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In terms of alcohol I don't really drink anything other then beer. Heineken is my beer of choice (not a big drinker).

As for non alcoholic, I love the bottled berry smoothies they sell down at countdown.

Fuck just read that, I sound gay.


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Scotch is my thing, I drink beer socially but if I'm staying in it's scotch with maybe a beer or two. Belgian beer is best beer, expensive but worth it.

Non-alco: lychee tea. It's da schnizz.
In smiling Bacchus' joys I'll roll,
Deny no pleasures to my soul.
Let Bacchus' health round briskly move,
For Bacchus is the friend of love.

May love and wine their rights maintain,
And their united pleasures reign.
While Bacchus' treasure crowns the board,
We'll sing the joy that both afford.

Oh - And beer, and um water.
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