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BR finally affords a new PC!

Black Racoon

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Long time no posts!

So I've finally just bashed together the following builds, on a mega budget Gaming Rig - Details are as follows!

CPU: FX - 6300 - 3.5GHZ - OC'd to 4.7 - $133
Motherboard: GA-78LMT-USB3 - $73
RAM: Some OEM 8GB 1333 DDR3 (Qualitaaaee..... ... ...) - $76
Case & PSU: Casecom - CS-14 Come w/ 700W PSU - $75
Drive: 120GB SSD - Had it lying around..
GFX: R9 280 OC Edition - 980MHZ EC & 1200 MC - OC'd to 1180 EC & 1500 MC - $248 (gamedude.com.au)
Cooler CPU: Hyper 212 EVO - $37

$648 - If paid for the SSD Around $750

---Performance Scores---

So the sores from 3D MARK:

6101 - Before The OC of the GFX
6901 - After the OC of the GFX


380 - at 3.5GHZ - Stock
490 - at 4.5GHZ OC
580 - at 4.7GHZ OC - A bit behind an i7-3770


BF4: 50-60 FPS everything Ultra
PlanetSide 2 - 45-55 FPS On Ultra
Bioshock Infinite - 60 FPS Solid with Vsync on
ET - .... :)


Highly recommend this build for anyone on a budget, the goal was to get budget components except the GFX and crank them to equivalent worthy parts. Overall I find the CPU bottlenecks more when trying to stress test stuff before the GFX. But after the OC to 4.7 from 4.5 after a bit more testing, they compliment each other nicely. The case looks fairly dodge... but my goal wasn't aesthetics... at all. There is 0 pretty lighting or LED stuff in here.


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mm, not really confident to overclock mine, I know it can be fine, but been doubting my gfx for a while since getting it, tad peeved you're getting such good results with a much cheaper build (I miss my pc parts advisor-tafe people :( )