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Build Competition


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Starting on the 16th of February, and ending on the 3rd of March.

Your goal is to build your own biome, this can be completely new or of an existing one. Players will be given access to a second plot and creative for the length of the competition. This will go for two weeks (2). (Secondary plots will remain after the comp has ended, though creative will be removed).

If an admin is available, you may ask us to worldedit the ground layer(s) of your plot.

It must be your own plot
You are a one person team, no helpers
No redstone
No alts
One entry per player
Copies of other users plots will be ignored
Must be on a new plot

1st place receives: A mob spawner* of one of the following as requested:

2nd place receives: A mob spawner* of one of the following as requested:

3rd place receives: A squid spawner*

Something to read through if you get stuck.

OZ Admin Team
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Well, the winners have been picked (apologies for the delay)

Thank you all for participating, we hope to bring you another comp sometime this month or next.

Winning entries for the Biome Competition:

First: Decks_74

Second: Draw between ForgotenThought & Dantheman1100

Third: Draw between Mrminifigs & Pepsigirl202

If you were one of the winners and have not been contacted by an admin, please contact one and ask for your prize, when given you will be crossed off the list, no admin shopping please :).

Till next comp.

OZ MC Admin Team


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1. Decks_74
2. ForgotenThought (horse)
2. Dantheman1100 (cow)
3. Mrminifigs (squid)
3. Pepsigirl202 (squid)
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