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cheapest place to buy brink?


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Black Racoon said:
HaPpY said:
i0nwr1t3r said:
Where BR linked to Horie , picked it up for $38 AUS from the UK (Postage Included).
One week delivery time. :)
but look at all the problems u had with it

@ the coppa
*sigh* it's the same link if you read it that you just posted.
wen hav i ever been bothered reading ur posts?
u could hav alternatively given him the direct link instead of making him read a post and thus using his downloads
bad br, bad
My probs I think are associated with the firewall screwing something up , I'll look at re-installing & leaving results later if it resolves it.

P.S. I re-installed & still can't get the server list to come up , next re-install , win7!!!! :banana: :banana: :banana:


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Id wait another month or so for the next patch to be released before buying as its still pretty buggy.