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Child Prodigies

JoKeR said:
Inglourious Basterd said:
Here is the Mini Band rehearsing Enter Sandman for their next gig lol.

Featuring Harry Jackson and little Zoe Thomson who have already
been posted in this thread. Zoe does a great job with the solo...


lol that's awesome
For sure...

Here they are playing Enter Sandman at their gig... ( you can hear Zoe's solo better in the rehearsal I rkn )

This video has gone viral.

Here's a news article about it http://www.newburytoday.co.uk/News/Arti ... leID=18047

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They even made it onto Sky News! I'm so proud of them :)

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This little fellas pretty good for 7. YEAH!

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The Mini Band update.. Live interview on UK TV


Huge thumbs up for Metallica to this for the kids. :banana:

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OMFG! This little girl sings like a boss :shock:

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