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etkey guid issues

Discussion in 'Computer Lounge' started by Baker Street, Aug 19, 2016.

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  1. Baker Street

    Baker Street Well-Known Member

    OK to cut a long story short, my Kaspersky decided some punkbuster files were malware and deleted them so I had no ETkey. Even dl a new key and reinstalled all pb files - didn't work despite some great help from players. Then I found this -


    Fortunately I saved my old key, deleted the new key (which didn't work) and pasted the old key. Then joined the server and ran the command stated on "Not Working?" Wallah !!

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  2. phillgates2

    phillgates2 Administrator Staff Member

    Etkey goes in etmain folder have pb enabled reinstall pb from the etkey mob then should work
    Let us know if didnt
  3. Zulu

    Zulu Well-Known Member

    you dont need etkey (download) or punkbuster, using either of following.
    1 - install and use et legacy client, which is being developed unlike the old et client
    2 - startup et with punkbuster enabled and et key in place. in console enter CL_GUID and press enter key. It will show you current value, write it down or copy it somewhere. Quit et. Amend your et starting shortcut so that it includes the program parameters +set cl_guid "your cl_guid string from previous step"
    That's it. Now you can get rid of punkbuster and even etkey if u want. This is passing the hashed etkey directly to server without punkbuster fluff. punkbuster is no longer supported or required. it's not running serverside, so why run this invasive fps reducing software on client. punkbuster continuously scans disk and memory.
  4. Zulu

    Zulu Well-Known Member

    oh yeah, either 1 or 2, not both. the et legacy updated client doesnt use punkbuster but will use existing or new etkey
  5. Covert

    Covert Well-Known Member

    all this et knowledge and you still suck zulu
  6. Phoenix

    Phoenix Member

    He's better than most. You're just some asshole with worthless comments.
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  7. Zulu

    Zulu Well-Known Member

    u suck more covert. especially that you're a typical low self esteem asshole who needs to needlessly belittle others to make you smug. at least i have knowledge, all you have is stupidity.
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  8. Ulti

    Ulti Well-Known Member

    ^^^^^ o shit check this bromance!! looks like you got some competition Matilda lol
  9. Covert

    Covert Well-Known Member

    hahah these 2 are the easiest to wind up
  10. Phoenix

    Phoenix Member

    So responding to you're worthless comments means I'm triggered... out thinking you means I'm a nerd.. agreeing with someone means I'm gay or in a bromance.... and all of the mindless little derp gang agree? Hate to burst ya bubble but it's actually you guys who have the issues not the rest of the world.
  11. nelots

    nelots Well-Known Member

    Just some reality check for you. Those two dorks don't have any issues as they're baiting and laughing at you two trying to solve a problem thats already been fixed 2 months ago.
    LOL, ze pot calling the kettle black right there.

  12. matilda

    matilda Well-Known Member

    Is that really a picture of yourself, nix?
  13. matilda

    matilda Well-Known Member

    While I'm flattered to be continually mentioned in conversation by your good self, Ulti, I'm not sure I totally understand this comment.
  14. Phoenix

    Phoenix Member

    Nelots you really are mindless, where does it show me trying to fix anything? Little more reading less guessing.

    Secondly this is not my first encounter with mindless bashing and I totally agree that their small minds would find the smallest of things amusing and again you're missing the point. You are like a little child poking someone in the back with a stick and then claiming to be funny. NEWS FLASH their is nothing funny about it. You didn't achieve much in life and you want others to suffer.
  15. TopCAt!

    TopCAt! Well-Known Member

    Having reviewed the evidence, I have come to the following conclusions;

    -The size of ones mind is not mutually exclusive with the perceived size, depth, cross sectional area or volume of subject matter that is determined to be humorous;
    -There is no evidence of a stick being involved;
    -It is not possible to determine, measure or compare the achievements over an entire lifetime of a pseudonym, on an internet forum, so thus it cannot be stated with any certainty the subject bears any malice to others;
    -It is unclear precisely what Matilda is competing for, or against, or with whom;

    Last edited: Oct 22, 2016
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  16. Phoenix

    Phoenix Member

    Wrong on all accounts except the derp part, sums your comments up nicely :D
  17. JoKeR

    JoKeR Well-Known Member

  18. Phoenix

    Phoenix Member

    Come say it to my face fucktard. Profile says you're in Auckland, so am I. Lets see how tough you are when you aren't hiding behind a computer boy.
  19. JoKeR

    JoKeR Well-Known Member

  20. 0o0o0o0o FIGHTTTTTTT my moneys on Nix. Pics please to share for me and Zulu :cigar:
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