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Extreme music.


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Talk about a share extreme genres of music here i.e. Punk, Metal, Drone, Noise, Experimental, Dark Ambient, etc. Also feel free to add anything strange or unusual. No Hard Rock, Nu Metal, Electronic, etc. (No trolls or WickedFizz in other words. Heh.)

Two of my favourites at current. First is a track by a Stoner Metal band called Red Fang. Awesome catchy riffs. Funny as hell music videos, too.


The next being a track called Einharjar by Swedish Viking metal band King of Asgard. Quite a new band. But has groovy-as-drugs riffage and badass lyrics.


Silence, hark and behold
Shattered fields, substantial darkness... and a swallowed sun
A sudden void, a sacred ground... where Death has sung

Einhärjar - Die before us one and all
Einhärjar - Chosen to die by the glimpse of an age
Einhärjar - Die before us one and all
Einhärjar - Reunite, we all shall fall


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Now we're talkin. Asgard are beast.

couple of my fav's, will add more later.....

Deicide - sacraficial suicide - Benton is an animal :cool:


War ensemble from the kings :D

I like this combination of Irish traditional folk music and metal from this Irish group. The 'wall of sound', soaring guitar, rolling drums and evocative melody. Hey I might even start to like metal :D



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Aw shit yeah, Primordial. Possibly one of the best things out of Ireland. That and Guinness. Heh.

As for Deicide. Debut and second albums are beast. The rest are pretty 50-50.

Death/Thrash from the states. Considered to be the first to be signed to a major label.

Oldschool Thrash band from Belgium. Move aside, Metallica. You don't compare to this.


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Morbid Angel






Fk Yeah!


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Dammit G, I was just about to post Morbid Angel.

They're pretty well known, but Pirate Metal can always make me smile.

Not really 'extreme' music but I've had it stuck in my head all day.

Also entirely off-topic but by this point I don't care.

(I like this version slightly better than the original studio version)


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yay spheres of madness got a mention!! also DAY 69 is also a boss song from decapitated
was watching khrim on youtube years before he was in Decapitated.. was so happy (Yet sad) when he got the gig

Thought id add a bit :p
Bit of southern metal!

and another absolute classic

some more good decapitated :p



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Yeah decapitated are beast as.

some more. Good times.



And Some Aussie shredders:

Cannibal Corpse


Armored Angel



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G-Train said:
And Some Aussie shredders:

Cannibal Corpse
I didn't know that CC were Aussies.

Antagonist said:
and another absolute classic
I prefer these (though I love all of Dimebag's work):




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Great to see Decapitated back up and running.

True Redneck Metal. Southern Metal. Aw yeah. Also; great name or what?

Now an actual group of Australian shredders. I believe they're from Darwin. Hobart?

The band Corpsegrinder was in before Cannibal Corpse. Which is also much better than Cannibal Corpse. Lol. Oldschool DM.

And of course, the more exciting and interesting "CC" band.


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Antagonist said:
such mainstream pantera tho bro
i actually really liked there later stuff.. great southern trendkill, and reinventing the steel were top albums
I'm the opposite there. I love Trendkill but my favourite album is probably Cowboys from Hell followed closely by Vulgar Display of Power.