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Discussion in 'Wolfenstein: ET' started by cccdfern, Jan 15, 2017.

  1. cccdfern

    cccdfern Administrator Staff Member

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  2. i0nwr1t3r

    i0nwr1t3r Moderator

    All players set off landmines.

    Does this mean engineers can be kicked for team damage?
  3. phillgates2

    phillgates2 Administrator Staff Member

    Nope landmines does not count as team damage
  4. OZ Invader

    OZ Invader Well-Known Member

    No medic self heal is good after being hit cause they run away like pussies
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  5. Teddles

    Teddles Well-Known Member

    To criticise constructively, we may need to understand the reasons why these changes were made.

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  6. cccdfern

    cccdfern Administrator Staff Member

    To freshen things up, level the playing field, and make balancing simpler, may well lead to things like all-spot land mines being enabled.

    The 10k reset may well be to low.
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  7. i0nwr1t3r

    i0nwr1t3r Moderator

    The mines are fine as they are imo.
    I'd raise the 10k limit though , that does seem to low.
  8. cccdfern

    cccdfern Administrator Staff Member

    Yea I'll chuck it up a notch, initially I thought it would be enough.
  9. Teddles

    Teddles Well-Known Member

    My 2 cents regarding the changes:

    After 8 years, I have lost my my nightly itch to log in and play. That's the best way I know how to put it. I feel that the changes have been a pretty big miss and have caused the server to feel sterile and lifeless. The fun seems to have been sucked out.

    The popularity of OZ has simply always been a testament to the server's intangible qualities and delicate mix of settings - which these changes have badly disturbed.

    Perhaps forum bitching by confirmed non-regulars wasn't the best gauge of the server's needs. Which brings me to my main frustration - the changes were thought up and supported by people who simply don't play regularly enough to know what will work well on the server. And by 'regular' I mean like those who have been playing 5-7 nights per week for many years (and never visit the forums).

    On the plus side, I have learned around 6 new songs on bass. So it's not all doom and gloom.
  10. nelots

    nelots Well-Known Member

    Would be nice if you provided some proper feedback instead of being a bitch with a dribble post......

    For example hey the xp reset thing sux bring it upto 200k xp before reset etc.

    My 3c and keep the change you kents
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  11. TopCAt!

    TopCAt! Well-Known Member


    I actually agree in part, not about the itch though. Thats probably something else, sadly not groupies but.
    It was noticeably different last night, but overall the KDs seemed balanced and the games seemed a bit busier/less predictable.
    I totally agree that active players should be weighted a bit more in the process, however its all part of the evolution of the place so it could be the right thing at the right time, given a chance. The only caveat is a comparative one - in that other servers go the opposite way and make the levels nearly instantly available, so people are 4 start generals after 10 mins, xp save forever but with different anti spam and sk rules. I suppose theres no perfect balance.
  12. Trigger Happy

    Trigger Happy Moderator

    Here are my initial thoughts on the few games I played with the new settings:

    1. I like the XP reset, I think it helps to bring a bit more challenge back to it all as the 100% everything makes it easy to rest back on spam. With that said, I think I would prefer something like a monthly reset vs an individual amount reset. This would help balance it out and potentially ensure no one just sits in spec to "pick their battles" if they are on a high enough XP to have an advantage, but it might cause them to tick over and have to face others on large XP.

    2. All players setting off mines is kind of annoying. Maybe that is good that it leaves less on the maps, but personally it is annoying to die by poorly placed team mines and it is annoying when teammates run over your mines. Maybe I need to see more of this before I could make a definite call. This may also help to make engies less OP since they can't mine super obvious places (like racks) since their team would die.

    3. Medic self pack time feels like watching grass grow to me. I saw in the latest change that it is now 10 seconds before self packing (haven't tested much so can't comment properly). At 5 seconds this is already quarter of your spawn time (axis usually 20 secs), so a lot of the time you figure you might as well /kill, which leads to less pushes if you are allied. If this is now at 10 seconds, there is zero incentive to play allied as a medic since you might as well go axis, run for a bit, /kill and repeat as the enemy comes to you. If you are allied, you might get through 1 or 2 people in the offensive, but you will very quickly be killed by any half decent axis defense. If you have decent numbers and you rambo medic in twos, then sure this isn't really an issue, but for any low number games up to say 4v4, it really makes it hard for allies to make a push without a rambo medic.

    Given that we have reset XP, you can't continually pack to the extent of before, so I think we may have skewed the changes a bit far on the dial for this one. If we want to balance it out, we could reduce the recharge timer to limit number of packs and then let medics pick up the packs as per normal. I personally find it really jarring to not be able to pick up a pack and have ended up wasting lots of packs to the floor while running. I have also seen (and am guilty of) medics waiting a long time somewhere for packs to work, which again is easy for axis as they just wait for allies to come to them, but allied medics would be very disadvantaged I think. It also makes it less incentive to needle your team as you are usually in the firing line, why take any hits when I can't heal myself for 10 seconds? Might as well let you tap out, rambo a bit and then /kill to come back for more :p

    Based on these current changes, the Engy class has all the power since they can mine easy places and have rnade to throw at medics. They can pop off 2 in a short space of time, so it's easy to sit back, rnade + mine and wait for allies to come into the death trap xD.

    4. Love playdead and so happy it is back! \o/

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  13. CowsWithGuns

    CowsWithGuns Administrator Staff Member

    Just a thought on the xp reset, for a more casual player i.e. weekend warrior a monthly reset is harsher on them compared to a daily player. You just start to get somewhere on levels and bam its gone again.
  14. Teddles

    Teddles Well-Known Member

    Quoteth the King of verbal diarrhoea.

    Maybe derive some proper feedback from what I said, such as regular players should be consulted prior to gameplay changes, rather than the "constructive criticisms" of non-playing OZ admins, and non-regular players (i.e., all other posts to date).

    But sure. Ask for constructive criticism, then define any criticism you get as non-constructive so it can then be shit-canned and dismissed. Well done.
  15. cccdfern

    cccdfern Administrator Staff Member

    Oh for Petes sake, I've been playing since 2003/4, I've been in oz for god knows how long, I've been on and off a little less than 'usual' due to work the past few years. I've been on the server, as myself or otherwise. I've asked around a few 'regs' and gotten mixed views, some like the changes but want them x way, others think it could have been done better.

    Still not sure where you're coming from regarding the posting non-regs, I think only you and zulu have actually made 'recent' requests for the server over the forums. If anything people are becoming more active because things are happening.

    The server is not dead because of these few changes, we did it on a weekday, weekdays are fairly quiet, the real test of numbers and reactions will be tonight, tomorrow night and Sunday night.

    Server didn't die when we made /kill end sprees
    Server didn't die when we forced damage kick
    Server didn't die when we were getting dossed daily

    We're aiming for a better balance between classes & players, and to do that we've got to break some eggs.
  16. i0nwr1t3r

    i0nwr1t3r Moderator

    It's alright ferny , I personally found everyone tripping mines entertaining , maybe learn how engineers feel , but you really have to nerf that Trigger Happy guy , he keeps owning me. :p
  17. Covert

    Covert Well-Known Member

    I've played like twice in the last 6 months so it doesn't really bother me, but is it possible to have even numbers on both teams when bots are still enabled? For example if there are 2 players axis and 3 allies the new player has to join axis? Was super annoying when allies would just get loaded with players and you're stuck with 5 bots on your team
  18. Trigger Happy

    Trigger Happy Moderator

    I agree ferny, what we do won't end up in the demise of the server and whatever changes we do end up doing will rifle some feathers. Hopefully my feedback doesn't come across as stamping my feet wanting it my way, just calling it as I see it so far.

    The only additional comment I would have on server changes is to give time to let them be felt out. We had a few days where settings were changing daily and that doesn't give a lot of time to adapt / feel things out. For instance with the mines being team tripped, I think that was probably changed too quickly to really know if it was good or bad (I only played one day with those settings I think) and even though I don't particularly like it, I still would give it time to see if it ends up in more even play, and even if it potentially grows on others or myself.

    Other than that, adding in new changes is good to make things a bit different and see what might happen :)

    Also, as long as the changes allow me to kill i0n then I'm happy :p

  19. Teddles

    Teddles Well-Known Member

    Yes, this would be a sensible change, one that would promote better balance.

    Weekday numbers were higher than what they have been this week. But I hope its just an anomaly. You're right, I will wait to see what the weekend brings before commenting.
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  20. cccdfern

    cccdfern Administrator Staff Member

    I did a little searching and found this, which though I don't do code, may well work. Depends on if we can get lua working/it added in. At the moment there is nothing config-wise to address this as the server balances bots and players alike

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