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Hello OZ Clan & friends,

Been on the server a few weeks, and you seem a friendly welcoming bunch for the most part.

It's a great ET community here - there's something special about the 80% down under/NZ flags just as it is, but you do seem a great bunch. I'm not necessarily put off by the banter or when it has gone too far. For the most part, again ...

Well I've enjoyed spending time here when I can, and intend to carry on, so here's a what-ho from Blighty. Pleased to meet you.

I voted Brexit, but if Topcat's asking I'm like a super serial sjw and will discuss earnestly and for hours the plight of the worlds victims.

and edited because not meant to come across as criticising.
I'm saying you've all been very nice,
and even the edgelords don't put me off.
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Welcome to our little clan/server im not on as much any more due to life interventions :) but still like to dable on the server every now and then
Hope to see you on sometime
Ps soz for some of the banter going to far


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Boots, welcome to our demented little flock. Whether you're de-stacking the teams, or artfully defusing the somewhat incendiary indulgences of the more uncouth members of our clan, you are a breath of fresh air.
Thanks Teddles, really nice of you to say!

I've just been being myself, so it's great that I fit in well here (being somewhat demented myself), and that my attitude on-server is appreciated.

I don't take any sides until I know people better, but I do speak as I see things - which may be incorrect sometimes, so I hope no one chooses to take offence if I question or take them to task for any outbursts. I'm quite willing to be mistaken. And of course some level of insults between friends or those that know each other well might be misinterpreted by a relative outsider. It's a delicate balance between being myself, and fitting in to the close-knit community which you have here.

and I do like how unassuming and welcoming all you Aussies and other regulars/clan members are.

It seems to me that even the more incendiary outbursts of e.g. HeadHunter/gbt have had some reason or history behind them, and no one has been rude to me directly, so. ... As I say, I do not take sides.

Topcat - well these days science can measure things smaller than an atom, so I'm glad you can take comfort from that.

Actually I'm not keen on most of the social vengeance tendencies of today. I was only kidding around re being super serial, to wind you up ... ... but despite what you say, you did seem to get 'triggered' when I jokingly expressed some social justice/vengeance views a while back.
nah, but it's not a problem.
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