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How Good does Guild Wars 2 look!

The Admiral

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That looks so amazing.

I've never played guild wars, but watching that video makes me want to get #2 as soon as it comes out.

Didn't expect the main talking dude to be Asian.

Black Racoon

Head Poncho
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At the time of looking into Guild Wars 2, They had released 4 classes or so, the abilities look great and it's good to see a MMORPG take into account real time movement to avoid spells/sword play etc, (at least that's what i read). Would be great to see if it's effectiveness takes off. Either way, it's definitely a game I will dive into!
i think its amazing just because all the fresh ideas they have e.g the warrior whirlwind interacting with the elementalists firewall. so freaking awesome

this would make killing bosses and even PVP a whole lot more interesting
Umm, yeah WoW is probly better, but the interactive abilities is kinda cool (taking the elementalists flames to enhance warrior weapons) and I can see why putting an elite level boss out of the dungeon onto the world map would be good all so....but games like these take up too much time so downing a couple of drinks (of choice :p) and having a crack at ET, TF2, CSS or BFBC2 tends to hold more interest for me. I'll file it under maybe I'll have a crack at it. :p Ta for the link :) Have my doubts about the statement that ppl are keen to rez tho :p (when not in a party).
Synonym said:
AlphaClank said:
Black Racoon said:
AlphaClank said:
A big wheel with spokes city? Where have I seen that before?

A level in Mario Kart 64? Except it's not quite a city... but same design from memory.
Goddammit BR, that's a picture of Midgar from FF7.
That's the one with the chick with long hair and a big sword right?
Yeah, it's also the one with the terrible battle system and weak bosses.