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Ivanatinkle Cleared Up! Last Post Regarding Him

Discussion in 'The General Hall' started by Guest, Sep 16, 2009.

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  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    OK, after like what 4 topics that have been made on him i think that you guys all need to clear a few things up. It has come to my attention that Antagonist is Ivanatinkle and that Ulti? I think you guys call him, is not Antag? Correct me if i am wrong here, but i assume that Antag and Ulti ARE TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE :)

    EDIT: According to hzd scrim team members it is believed that Antag is Ulti. Regardless of this piece of news, he will continued to be banned

    Another thing is that Ivanatinkle has been banned on aimbot and also inconjunction with abuse on a oz member, i would like to repeat this. You guys play on our server and we are willing to play along together as long as you guys do not abuse, harrass, or insult any of our members, regulars or other players. Do not cause extra trouble for yourself by getting out of your way to make remarks that are offensive.

    Whether a person is female or male, works as a prostitute or had red hair or brown. No matter what skin colour they may be or what culture they come from, the rules are still the same. Apply the same discipline you would in real life, after all it is another person you are playing against. The abuse and crap served is not required. Come on guys use some common sense.

    Ivanatinkle, your ban remains as demos have been seen and also Happ who played as Fragg'd Ya your behaviour is skinning the line. Take this as a personal warning, i will be watching.
  2. Mcdavid

    Mcdavid Well-Known Member

    And David is no longer banned so stfu noobs :D
  3. Sunncaeks

    Sunncaeks Well-Known Member

    Hoo-rah for clarification!

    Ooh, and someone got told. Lol.

    And, I must say, Joy. I'm sure this is the easiest post to read that I've ever seen you type out. :p
    Wow, I'm bad. Bahah.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    David, behave ok? :) sigh its hard when we cant be friends but goodluck and pancakes thanks. Yeah.. i always either use too many spaces or i dont use enough either way idc :)
  5. Mcdavid

    Mcdavid Well-Known Member

  6. ramendeep

    ramendeep Well-Known Member

    Well he does not use hacks. So therfor the ban should only stand for 3 days.
  7. Mcdavid

    Mcdavid Well-Known Member

    Why should it stand at all if he doesnt hack
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Have either of you two seeen the demo?
  9. JoKeR

    JoKeR Well-Known Member

    Joy why is David unbanned?
  10. Mcdavid

    Mcdavid Well-Known Member

    Because i did nothing wrong?
  11. JoKeR

    JoKeR Well-Known Member

    Lol your not unbanned David u lier.
  12. Mcdavid

    Mcdavid Well-Known Member

    Ah yeah i am XD
  13. JoKeR

    JoKeR Well-Known Member

    So who unbanned you? Joy didnt

    CHRONIC Well-Known Member

    Joy for someone who cant even hit the head how can you call Ulti out on hacking?
  15. paralysis

    paralysis Well-Known Member

    ulti has been playing et longer than you have been alive joy. Every person whos been around longer then 2 weeks knows that ulti doesnt hack, he's just a bloody good shot. The amount of times you guys ban him then unban him is ridonkulous and you should get a grip. Probably the most banned and the unbanned player i have heard of, the same story over and over against since ogn.
  16. Mcdavid

    Mcdavid Well-Known Member

    BR i think. I haven't evaded you last one. And i connected and i got on. So idk really.
  17. Joke :D

    Joke :D Well-Known Member

    hate to rain...

    but i thought ulti got picked up by PB for aimbotting on GA7?

    dont mean to flame or troll..
  18. Mcdavid

    Mcdavid Well-Known Member

    John(8)Cemetery Drive(8) Has SoundWave Tickets Wooo///Bracers Go Ow says:
    *John Cemetery Drive Has SoundWave Tickets Wooo///Bracers Go Ow says (9:24 PM):
    Br, when your back
    tell me
    Is David banned Yes or No
    Black Racoon says (9:39 PM):
    No it seems he is not banned.

    So you can drop that now Joker
    *my post
  19. benedictxvi

    benedictxvi Active Member

    Ulti just blurs the distinction between ultra config-ing and hacking. Seems he went too far. He is GOOD though. World Class.

    Still, Joy is sexy when she is laying down the law

  20. JoKeR

    JoKeR Well-Known Member

    -OZ-Black Racoon: Hello!
    -OZ-Black Racoon: David?
    -OZ-Black Racoon: I just got asked
    JoKeR: yeh ummm
    -OZ-Black Racoon: I saw him on before..
    JoKeR: why u unbanning him?
    -OZ-Black Racoon: so i assum ehe wasn't banned/
    JoKeR: he abuses everytime he plays
    JoKeR: he ban evades just by resetting net
    -OZ-Black Racoon: I didn't say to unban him.. I just said he was unabnned as it seemed so anyway... I saw him on moments ago.

    oh snap
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