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Minecraft changes


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We have decided to make these changes in light of the recent decline of players coming to the server, Hunger-Games is no longer being updated and plug-ins like factions are being redesigned by their makers to suit much bigger servers. Thus we are choosing a different direction and going with it.

I know this won't fly well for everyone, but this is the direction we are choosing; PVP will be restricted to the Arena world, where there will be a few choices: The current Meza arena will be kept and some of the HG arena's will be incorporated, kits will become similar to the previous, more varied ones.

Shop will have its available stock broadened and changed to a dynamic(?) where prices change based on availability.

The build comps world will be removed (winners chosen and rewarded after server changes have been made?), Buildcomps: was a nice idea on paper but in reality it's too difficult to create new competitions/pick a winner every month.

The donor package will consist of décor and cosmetic items, things such as name colour, coloured chat, hats and a few other things -banners, carpet, armour stand, doors, ladder, torch, signs, firework stars, dye's and music discs; any such kits/items the donor receives are freely obtainable in the server/world.

^Also, all present/past donators, regardless of group, will be moved into one large group with this title, purple/orange [Donor], all of them shall also be given an adjusted(name/lore) LovedOne kit.

Wild will be reset and changed into a PVE world but keep its name. Prior to these changes taking place, we will offer to copy your current bases into the plotworld if you wish to keep them, this also includes any creations in the current PVE world. If you miss out on any of this saving, I'll keep the worlds and make a schematic of it for you if needed.

Within the PVE world players will have access to locket/lwc, horse protection, precious stones protection, multiple homes.

Combat-tag will be trialled (in regards to keeping it), it may or may not be necessary to keep it.

Factions, Survival Games and MCmmo (adapted for use in pve, disabled for pvp) will be removed completely, as well as any other plug-ins which are no longer needed.

[EDIT] A small PVP world, inventories will not cross, donator ranks will have no perks in this world.

We will update to 1.8 as soon as we are able, but at present the most we can get is a 1.7.10 which allows 1.8/1.7 clients to connect, but not allow them to use any of 1.8's features. Expected server releases are anything between 1 and 3 months time.

All player data will be reset, properly this time :p.

We are looking to make these changes before December ish
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I believe you should at least keep some type of PVP in "Wild" for that is the reason why I play, maybe get rid of factions, but preferably not mcmmo. But I guess getting rid of factions and PVP in "Wild" will get rid of me, which you wouldn't mind xP. Anyways, just remember that someone was streaming this server and playing factions, because it was factions. Maybe get rid of factions and significantly shrink the world border, just, please keep a pvp world that we have to go out and achieve things.



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Some changes have been made to our initial plans: A small PVP world minus factions and mcmmo, though this will still be secondary to the PVE area. Inventories will not cross, donator ranks will have no perks in this world.
This most likely matters not, but I just fail to see a pve area as more popular than the pvp area. Looking forward to relaunch though as we have a group of people wanting to play some factions.