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Moderator application rules and templates:

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Good day Minecraftians, Melongeed here.

I've decided to make a thread on how to do a well proposed application and just a few guidelines on how to get a better chance of getting the positions, but first of all, I will state a few things.

Before you apply, make sure you apply to join the -OZ- Community, you must first make an application to join the OZ clan, once accepted you will be able to apply for the moderator position. This will be enforced as of now.

Please note (from above link)

If you are under the age of 15 please do not apply to join our clan.

Rules and guidelines:

- When a moderator position is open, we will post in the minecraft section on the forums

- When a moderator position is open, we will also be broadcasting a message

- When a moderator position is open, we will also put a signs around the server, with a date.

- If a moderator position isn't being advertised, and you post an application, it will be ignored or deleted until we open up another position.*

- If your application is accepted, you will get a post on your application congratulating you. your rank will be set to JnrMod for the first 2-3 months if you act accordingly with admins and server rules you will be upgraded to a moderator status**

- You must be a minimum age of 16 to be able to become a jnr moderator.

* If we delete it, it would be because it is considered as spam, you will have to repost the application when the position is open.
** The time might vary, but just wait, it will happen within 24 hours!

Ways to make you have a better application:

formatting is always a good thing to include in your application, formatting is how you style your text, such as, bold, size and colour! Don't overuse colour! :) I don't like colour.

Grammar: Everyone should know what grammar is, use it, I can't stand to read text that "looks like dis all da time try 2 use grammer" trust me, it goes a long way, grammar is important.

Length & detail: Try to make your post lengthy but not a wall of text, use paragraphs and correct spacing, it's important. :)

What to write about: *

Your Game Name and age
- Tell us a bit about yourself
- What position you would like to apply for
- Why you think you deserve the position
- Past experience
- All sorts of other stuff! I'll leave you to decide!

Please do not include you full real name nor email address.

Hmm, that's all for now! I will add more stuff later! Please be sure to check in and read later!
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If you want to apply for mod do us all a favour and don't lie about your age or other important information. Being a moderator is a position of trust, if we cannot trust you to be truthful then how will we trust you to help look after the server?

The length of time you have been playing is not as important as the type of person you are. If you have been playing the game since its inception then that's just awesome, but, it does not make up for being an absolute twit.

This thread is now locked. If it needs to be changed please contact Moderators or Admins.
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