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Mrminifigs Junior Mod Application [NOT PASSED]

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Real Name: Massimo (I know its actually my real name lol)

In Game/Online Name: Mrminifigs

Current Server Rank: Player/LovedOne

Wanting: Junior Moderator

Age: 15

Personal/About Me: Im 15 years of age my Birthday is July 23 1998 and im currently a FreshMan student in High School. My ethnic background is Italian and Irish. My parents divorced when I was around 6 so I mainly stay with my Mom. I have been a fan and player of the OZ Gamer community for about 2 years now. I joined in the summer of 2012 when a well known player/friend of mine ForgottenThought showed me the server. I am a really helpful and easy person to talk to so yeah.

Why I deserve Junior Mod: I know I sound corny but I really don't deserve Junior Mod but I thought I would give a crack at it. I am a helpful person and have alot of spare time (Because i'm a Nerd and Have no Friends) so I could be on the server alot. Also I have some admin/ Owner experience as i recently closed my server due to financial issues (Aka hosting costs lots of Benjamin's).

Extra Information: I am a free spirited type of person who really just enjoys life and having fun yet if need be I can be strict. I don't have a proper "job". But I do on occasion substitute as a waiter for my friends Coffee Shop. I like to work with online editing programs such as Photo Shop and FRAPS mostly for fun. Im also relatively good at working with Bukkit/Plugins.

Previous Experience: Like I said before I was owner on my own server which had around 12 people average online and haven't had alot of public server experience but I am willing to give it a shot if I am given the chance.

My Favorite Games:
- Minecraft
- World of WarCraft
- Civ 5
- Borderlands 2
- Grand Theft Auto 5
- Every Assassins Creed Ever!( Except Revelations cus its Garbage)
- Super Mario Bros and Mario Kart
- Diddy Kong Racing (#ThrowBack)

Thanks for taking the time to read this and if its excepted a early YAY! and if its denied Ill still be having fun and playing with Everyone On the Server.

Feel Free to Post any questions Below!
Contact Info:
Skype: massimofemia1
E-Mail: [email protected]
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Why on earth not BL1? So much was cut from that in 2 :(

Anyway, thanks for the app, well written and we'll get back you later in the week with our decision.

OZ MC Leaders
Please Disregard this application because I no longer seek the position of Junior Mod because of the unfairness and or lack of respect from server staff. You might say it is stupid, but I want no part in Staff on a server that is honestly just unfair to its players.

Thank You
- Mrminifigs


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Unfortunately your Application has not passed.

Just because we're not playing favouritism for your cousin, doesn't mean we aren't being fair on everyone else.
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