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New ET Players?

Discussion in 'Wolfenstein: ET' started by kajah, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. kajah

    kajah Active Member

    Was just browsing though other local ET servers the other night and found this server. Looking at the player list and total time played here it looks like it's only been up a few days!!

    So ET isn't dead....yet. There are possibly 20+ brand new players to nurture into hardcore ET addicts like us :D

    PS. nurture does not mean jump on their server and pawn them all. That would seriously ruin their fun, and potentially just drive them away from ET to another game...

    ... and they even have a Facebook page, and site GhostCap Gaming :O (Their website needs some work... any work would do... buttons and stuff, that link to things, and more than 50 words... would be good)
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  2. phillgates2

    phillgates2 Administrator Staff Member

    Most are going to legacy 4 or 5 new aus servers have poped up in the last few weeks
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  3. TopCAt!

    TopCAt! Well-Known Member

    I recognise at least 5 or 6 names on that list
    Not sure on the veracity of the stats though
    According to this you were last seen before you were first seen

    ET definately not dead by a long shot
    Just need to improve the community aspect and bring back some comps
  4. phillgates2

    phillgates2 Administrator Staff Member

    We tried hosting comps a couple years ago seeing thought cybergamer dich the et side of their comps. Only a couple wanted to play comp, but yes et is not dead
  5. Covert

    Covert Well-Known Member

    Comps just need a bit of thought put in. Possibly even a carrot to dangle at the end of a stick for the winners too. I really doubt anything like that could happen at the moment tho, not enough numbers for one but mainly 9/10 of the regulars that play have only ever played on oz pub.
    Game definitely isn't dead! OZ should try and make some deal with these people kajah has found to get all their players onto oz server :)
  6. matilda

    matilda Well-Known Member

    Kajah is our resident ET news sleuth.
    Good work, Kaj!

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