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New patch killed the game for me :<


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hey guys the new patch made it more or less unplayable for me, keeps shuddering every second like ive got some piece of crap comp.. Ok its pretty crap but more then good enough to get 100+ frames in Combat arms... anyone else having the same prob? or has anyone managed to fix it?
any help would be much appreciated.
TBH m8 ,I was on CBA 15 mins ago with no problems whatsoever,with whatever patches they installed on 4th? of this month.
It auto updates the patches I think,so it might have updated this morning,not that I noticed.

But my hardware is newish with recent drivers installed,I would try new drivers from chipset manufacturers first,rule out hardware then you'll know if it's a game issue.

Sorry I'm not much help to you. :(



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apparently the new patch tells your computer its 2 shit to play it.. if you got some fuck off computer u need not worry, but for all us low end plebs its a nightmare
hopefully fix will be out soon, apparently its a major problem for alot of players
Yeah if your comp is single core or somethin' you might struggle but my comp I updated in December,so I'm in the clear for now.

Look under my avatar if you want my system specs Antag,but if your limited by your hardware,I'd suggest this great game I heard about, it's called ET !!! ;)


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experiencing the same issue - clearly is related to my replacedment gfx card but would like to know what sorted it out for you antagonist?


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well i sorta fixed mine... lol
just went into windows task manager, set engine.exe priority to low and she worked heaps better
seemed to have worked for a few ppl as well
good luck


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ur scripts and configs wont mean squat in CA .. so bow down and get owned ... u may meet me in battle .. and i will simply wipe the floor with u! what's ur KDR? / Rank?
btw rank ... side issue ... i smash ranks far higher ... and use their own weaps on them.And i bet i could spank any ET player on CA with Ease.


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lol ledrunk, i do quite well at combat arms, infact i did too well @ the start got my k/d above 4.0 and couldn't join any crap servers for crap ppl, had to join pro servers where everyone has pro guns and nx suits lol..

hopefully you got it working fodder


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Hmm. I think somebody who has played as much ET as you would know by now that;

Average FPS skill and default cfg ----> average player.
Average FPS skill and good cfg ----> alright player.
Great FPS skill and default cfg ----> good player.
Great FPS skill and good cfg ----> amazing player.

I would expect that the top players on ET to march over you. You can't beat raw FPS skill bro.