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Nothing using lag script

Discussion in 'Wolfenstein: ET' started by Zulu, Nov 27, 2017.

  1. Zulu

    Zulu Well-Known Member

    It's been a long time observation of mine that no matter how good their ping and my own connection to server, all these uber players warp like shit all over the place, but other players generally dont. Appearing 2 metres away from last location where the suspended enemy is unhittable on target during a gun fight, is a pretty big advantage I would say. All that group cheat rather than have any better skill or reflexes. In fact more often than not, they don't even land first shots. But when you warp around and can't be killed running away or turn around and strafe warp, there's little chance of fair play. That is all that I have ever asked for, fair play without unfair advantage like hax or exploit scripts that the in-group is all in on from years ago. The lag scripts or speedhax (confirmed available on a website to purchase for etpub) cause the weird gameplay like warping players, little hit registration, burst shots and funny sounding (uneven) gunfire. Sometimes own gun sounds like not firing at all.
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  2. gbt:)

    gbt:) Active Member

    You mean they actually strafe and don't just stand in line for you to headshot like the bots do?
    Basically what you're proposing is ban all the people better than you and then the server will be fair.

    You sir, have problems
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  3. JoKeR

    JoKeR Well-Known Member

    Pharking mad, haha. What a strange world you must live in.
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  4. Rainbow

    Rainbow Well-Known Member

    Turn your maxpackets up from 30 for a start

    I'll admit you have a good technical knowledge of the game engine, but you're extremely deluded when it comes to assessing your own skill level.
  5. cccdfern

    cccdfern Administrator Staff Member

    So I have like, way to many tabs open, and I still can't actually find any lag-scripts for et, nor anything credible on them, besides well dial-up lag switches which are just dumb in today's context.

    We can't police peoples configs to the point that we're writing it for them. Probably could grab someones config like with pb, I'll leave it at that.

    Sometimes, often really, et guesses where some should be and is wrong.


    Apparently silent mod has perfect anticheat, but theres nothing useful to read about it, besides the usual pr wank.
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  6. blusky

    blusky Well-Known Member

    Zulu do you post this stuff ironically?

    Do you play any other shooters? I think if you played CS:GO you would literally die from screaming hackusations at players.
  7. Middy

    Middy Well-Known Member

    dude wtf u doing still playing this game lol :trump:
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  8. Zulu

    Zulu Well-Known Member

    It's not as if kfc/nothing doesn't aimbot either. HS whilst he's jumping and I jumped out around the corner from a good distance away. So apparently no bullet spread from jumping and perfect aim all in one. how convenient for "some old regs" aka old cheats. Also shoots hitboxes before he can even see you or you see him, going up stairs in a room full of chaos. Cheaters will be cheaters I guess, cos they can't play any other way. Too much ego in the way.
    As for the various speedhax, including the scripting to warp. The cheater doesn't experience it as bad, as the client game extrapolates a fair bit, but opposition gets to see and experience the warp as per whatever the server finally receives during the hax. So with the hax on, you're not very hittable as you warp around. Enemy wastes whole magazine not hitting.
    All these cheats are much easier to expose directly when you run et legacy server, which keeps track of every shot and distance. There's no such thing as no bullet spread, no matter how good the aim. Try it yourself one day...turn off bots shooting and shoot at their head from a good distance away. No matter how good the aim, lots of the bullets do body shots or miss. But if a cheater aimbots, it's a diff story.
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  9. Ulti

    Ulti Well-Known Member

    just LOL..... :trump: :trump:
  10. gbt:)

    gbt:) Active Member

    There are no words to describe this xDDDDDDDDDDD:D:D
  11. blusky

    blusky Well-Known Member

    Zulu who are the clean players on OZ that are better than you?
  12. gbt:)

    gbt:) Active Member

    Clean players better than Zulu!?
    Surely such a thing does not exist!
  13. Rainbow

    Rainbow Well-Known Member

    I gave you the benefit of the doubt in my earlier post but you're actually beyond help Zulu. You need to accept that there are people fundamentally better at a 15 year old game than you. The majority of the good players on -OZ- these days are just older ETPro players here for shits and giggles. Just put your ego away and enjoy the game for what it is.

    You remind me alot of Death_Reincarnated
  14. cccdfern

    cccdfern Administrator Staff Member

    So appears they do work together.
  15. Overmars

    Overmars Well-Known Member

    I know this thread is old, but the issue is not. We can check individual cvar values, and it may be possible (I guess) to script something that scanned through and logged those individually on connect, but not sure it could be done efficiently without affecting server performance or possibly causing lag issues. It could likely also be used to attack the server by spamming connections.

    The simple solution to this is internal. Not internal to OZ, internal to you.

    For years I've been sure there are players that take advantage of scripts and glitches to make them harder to hit and kill. Nothing I can do to make them stop, if they need that then their life is obviously lacking in other areas and this is all the solace they have to make them feel like a bigger man.

    Here's the solution.


    When you do kill them, just savour the kill.

  16. Overmars

    Overmars Well-Known Member

    Oh, forgot to say - shut up Pen. Never did, never will. :wacky:

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