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Patch Release for RCTW2 coming..

Black Racoon

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Ok, well Ive been on the wolfenstein site every day looking for new posts, trolling the forums for any word form the community manager, Sokal (Peter Sokal). There has not been a peep of it, so I thought I would go straight to the source and messaged Endrant Studios Directly. I have asked weather tehy can provide some insight to the new patch release for RCTW2 which is supposodly going to be the turn around and end all to fixing the bugs and gameplay problems with the multilayer. Endrant Studios were the MP developers of RTCW2 fyi.

I will keep you updated as soon as I get a reply, which im hoping is faster then getting a reply back in the wolfenstien forums. If the patch manages to fix a large amount of bugs and draw back a bit more of the community that it has already lost then I will get a server, but only if the above happens.

Kind Regards, Black Racoon


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Single player is great,played most of the game without the veil powers and pwned.Multiplayer on the other hand....You cant get max native resolution,and for the life of me, i cant get my multiplayer server list to function.The only way i can play online is quickmatch. After playing the leaked beta,which let you use native res,im feeling a bit let down.