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Pimpin with Cake


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Its tiem for aonther episode of PIMPIN WITH CAKE, with ur pal teh whole cake!
Today on pimpin wiht cake, cake help u solve another of lives problems.

U waiting at bus stop in morning, when A WILD OLD LADY APPEARS. :wtf:

:troll: "got a loytah ya kent?" she says.

First of all cake know how importarntant it is for u to catch bus in teh morning. Looking out window bored is best way to attract ladies. U can go anywhere, cos u have bus to catch. But old lady want u, ur loytah, and maybe half ur pokemon cards.:nailbiting:

So what u do?

Frist of all u pull out water bottle u prepare earlier. U say to granma that u have aids, and if u sneez, she catch jerms and die. U pour some water into cup of ur hand in way she cant see. Then u put bottle away.

Then u go ACHOO an fling water all over old lady. She go OH YUK GAYJERMS :spitoutdummy: and run away back to hole in ground where she came from. Then bus full of young sexy ladies pull up and let u ride fro free while u listen to metallica's early albums on stereo.

teh en.


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Thank u fellow cakers. Wihtout u there wuod be no pimpin with caek. well ther wuld but u know it not be as fantaszstic.
Cake sleepy from doign that massuive poo last night. Stey tuned for another epiosode coming soon.


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that for when caek want to play with hsi willy but it get too dry. cake squirt some lotion on his hand and rub it all over his back so he not get sun burn and go lay outside and get tan for few hours & come back. then cake use it to masturbate.