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its me br and i only decided to come back as br decided to send me a invite on msn again so i thought id come and look how the clan is going

and im doing 3d animation atm and saving up to move to canada so yes it is more fun then coming back here to look at what is going on :)


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Stinkvis said:
living with the person i love?? :p idc really if i get a lot of money or anything as long as i can be with her :)
Just remember. Women move on, and men love forever. I learnt this from a song... It's actually the song title... YAY WOODS OF YPRES. :3


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Frogma said:
yeah, listen to the 19 year old. He knows relationships.

just kidding... you should probably cling to her with all you've got.
I truly could not tell which part was sarcasm or if it was all sarcasm :(. Anyway, stinky good luck with your move.