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So as you know the shop is BROKEN I have a solution other than taking TONS of time to fix it.

Use this Plugin which works globally and is easy to set up!


I think this would add of easy-to-use selling and would be great so people don't have to warp to spawn, then wild, then back home. Also there might be a small bug which is being able to sell things while in plotworld, you can easily fix this by only allowing /shop in the worlds "Wild" "Wild_Nether" and "Wild_End"

Please consider this.


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shop is fine, we are in the process of fixing it all the signs which read OZShop don't work but the ones with OZCShop do, its just that I have been busy full time at work last few days and haven't finished it.

[edit] its broke \o/. considering we have had this plugin running fine for the last x amount of years should be just a bit of tinkering, though untimely since Phill and I are busy with work.
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updated, appears to work fine.
Also, just tried to sell some stuff, doesn't work. [Shop owners does not have enough money]

If you are bent on useing signs then use the format


So, since you have said that the shop is working now, which it isn't I have made my own server off my computer and loaded the plugin found here: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/guishop/

I configed everything and all you need to do is drag and drop the files in this .rar into your plugins folder, feel free to look over and make sure nothing is OP of a price and also be sure to add the perms onto your "Group Manager" or any other permission controlling plugin you own, the perms can be found on the bukkit page of the like up above.

Files: http://www.mediafire.com/download/fi1an6c3hww56ox/GUIShop.rar


Also, I talked with some players on the server, and they say this would be AWESOME!


If you would like I could config the server shop using
When I send you the files, you can double check the files if you want in-case you do not trust me that I won't make dirt sell for 1mil and diamonds buy for 1.

I will post it on media fire when I am done.

Hopefully I will be able to do EVERY item ever used.
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Please refrain from creating extra threads on the same issue, it is unnecessary.

Shop does not contain everything, because not everything needs to be sold.
Yes, I did have to remove a few things that were OP or unnecessary as in, the armor which could be 64 stacked, there is none of that.
But please add this, all you have to do is add the 2 files into the plugins and then do /reload all
It would make A TON of people happy, trust me.
Oh, and feel free to change prices, if you want to find a certain item, open up the prices.txt and then do control+f and type in what you want to find, and change the Sell/Buy.

And going on with "Shop does not contain everything, because not everything needs to be sold." -Ferny
Why not sell more things, it was proven to make more happy when they could sell more things, why do you think everyone wanted the old shop back? It is because they could sell more things and actually say that they are rich with money, so that they can buy awesome stuff, not just the small amount of things you dictate.

Thank you for spending you time and reading this, I know it is long.

Best regards,


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I use excel for pricing, and really could you just hold your horses. We like to try to fix things first, this weeks an exception. I want to fix it and know why it broke, switching to something else is a bandaid fix.

I will have a look at it on the weekend some time, an issue I can currently see with it is that there has been no updates since 1.7.2, though unnecessary (no new items) its a wonder how long it would take them to update to 1.8.
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