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SkyWars Bugs

apparently theres grass underneath according to sind and when i came back into spawn i lost my diamond armour, diamond axe, iron pickaxe and shovel, about 14 steak and 50ish torches.


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hmm, going off the plugins page, we're not the only ones, although I have a feeling all the settings are 'set correctly' its the plugin devs fault.

To leave it should we /sw leave.

will look into this further

The issue is that falling into the void kills you, ie the plugin has no "has fallen off while in arena" (like survival games). I will try to compensate for this with a portal to spawn or command blocks, since then it might not count as having left.


Also, no grass underneath, its void.
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Na it needs you to be killed ferny and the portal is at the same point as the lobby :) = the endless gaming :) when you get killed it respawns you there it has the same bug as survival games