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Tri State

Discussion in 'Wolfenstein: ET' started by repent, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. repent

    repent Member

    I was just reading the other threads about previous state of origans and had an idea about a Tri State comp.

    NSW,QLD and VIC/NZ combined.

    Structure it on the old way they use to structure the Tri Nations cup.Every team plays each other twice and most wins takes the prize(so to speak).

    If theres a draw on overall wins,team with highest collective efficancy wins.

    Plan it for say early/mid feburary or even march,mayby even do it 3 monthly throughout the year.

    Just an idea as the AUS/NZ game was fun and would love the chance to participate in another challange and with a Tri state theres a chance for players from all 4 regions to get in and have a crack.

    I would be happy to work with an admin such as BR or Ryan or anyone to try get this of the ground.

  2. HaPpY

    HaPpY Well-Known Member

    hit me up 4 nsw capt
    cheers, unless any1 else would like 2 challenge my request?
  3. (FKQ)Thompson

    (FKQ)Thompson Well-Known Member

    I challange you!!!!

    [Hidden]Nah just kidding :)[/Hidden]

    Nah sounds good though i would defiantly be interested. I like the idea of the team being lead rather than the last Origin where it was basically PUB style. :)
  4. Black Racoon

    Black Racoon Head Poncho Staff Member

    I agree, it did work excellently last time. Pherhaps if we are holding a competition we need something to make it a little easier for users to keep track and stuff. Im looking into using something to make life a bit easier for these tournaments that arise such as KML Leagues or such. Something that can be hosted here say in PHP/mysql for easy setup too preferably :)

    I like the tri nations idea, would work out excellently, it would be cool if we could get prizes going but Idk How that would go with such a BIG TEAMED tournament. So Brag rights is about the best I'm thinking currently, Unless any other ideas!?

    Cheers, BR
  5. Sunncaeks

    Sunncaeks Well-Known Member

    I too like the sounds of this. It could start say somewhere Mid-Feb - March or something. 5v5/6v6/7v7/8v8? Something like that. Could get a schedule up and everything. Need some more thought on this...
  6. repent

    repent Member

    positive feedback so far :)

    id capp teams @ 6v6 on match night,captains alternateing* players between matchs.

    remember,each team plays the other 2 teams twice so thats 4 games in a season,ample games to rotate players,which could lead to stratigic teams being feilded for certain matchs,also,the efficincy thing makes for good game sense required.

    (soz about the bad spells)
  7. Antagonist

    Antagonist Well-Known Member

    ROFL... just rofl...

    CHRONIC Well-Known Member

    Hey BR, do you know what spell check is?
  9. Hicksy

    Hicksy Well-Known Member

  10. Trigger Happy

    Trigger Happy Moderator

    Why did you bring up such an old thread hicksy? Quite random :p


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