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Tri State

I was just reading the other threads about previous state of origans and had an idea about a Tri State comp.

NSW,QLD and VIC/NZ combined.

Structure it on the old way they use to structure the Tri Nations cup.Every team plays each other twice and most wins takes the prize(so to speak).

If theres a draw on overall wins,team with highest collective efficancy wins.

Plan it for say early/mid feburary or even march,mayby even do it 3 monthly throughout the year.

Just an idea as the AUS/NZ game was fun and would love the chance to participate in another challange and with a Tri state theres a chance for players from all 4 regions to get in and have a crack.

I would be happy to work with an admin such as BR or Ryan or anyone to try get this of the ground.



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HaPpY said:
hit me up 4 nsw capt
cheers, unless any1 else would like 2 challenge my request?
I challange you!!!!

[Hidden]Nah just kidding :)[/Hidden]

Nah sounds good though i would defiantly be interested. I like the idea of the team being lead rather than the last Origin where it was basically PUB style. :)

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I agree, it did work excellently last time. Pherhaps if we are holding a competition we need something to make it a little easier for users to keep track and stuff. Im looking into using something to make life a bit easier for these tournaments that arise such as KML Leagues or such. Something that can be hosted here say in PHP/mysql for easy setup too preferably :)

I like the tri nations idea, would work out excellently, it would be cool if we could get prizes going but Idk How that would go with such a BIG TEAMED tournament. So Brag rights is about the best I'm thinking currently, Unless any other ideas!?

Cheers, BR


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I too like the sounds of this. It could start say somewhere Mid-Feb - March or something. 5v5/6v6/7v7/8v8? Something like that. Could get a schedule up and everything. Need some more thought on this...
positive feedback so far :)

id capp teams @ 6v6 on match night,captains alternateing* players between matchs.

remember,each team plays the other 2 teams twice so thats 4 games in a season,ample games to rotate players,which could lead to stratigic teams being feilded for certain matchs,also,the efficincy thing makes for good game sense required.

(soz about the bad spells)