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World of tanks 7.2 update 30th March


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7.2 update is finally being released later today:

Down times:
Please note that the game server of World of Tanks will be unavailable on March 30 from 01:00 PDT (08:00 UTC) till 09:00 PDT (16:00 UTC). Please follow the news updates.

Due to the maintenance, Global Map and Clan Wars will be unavailable from March 30, 00:15 PDT (07:15 UTC) till March 31, 00:15 UTC (07:15 UTC).

A few highlights:

Major HP nerfs for all light French tanks
Major exp nerfs for a lot of guns e.g. 105 mm Gun T5E1: 40700>>>18100
Very few modules research cost is increasing (but some are by a lot)

Most high tier tank cost to buy is increasing and most low tier is decreasing

Credits gained for almost all low tier tanks is being buffed by up to 95%!
Tier 5 - 10 tanks credits gained is variable ranging from -15% to +15%

Read more here:



tl;dr: 7.2 update is pro
30/03/2012 01.00-09.00 am PDT isn't that 3 pm eastern 31/03/2012 for Australia?
Pacific time is -18hours for eastern Australia.

Until daylight savings finishes this weekend?


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7.2 update has a pretty cool tutorial...

The down side is you cant platoon with peeps until you do it, if you do it.

The good point is they give you a tank (m3 stewart) with 100% crew when you are done.

You can only get into the tutorial if you are new to the game, so if you have logged in before the 7.2 update you cant do it.

Another hot tip is to get a KV with the KV2 turret. If you have one of these sitting in your garage for the next major update you will get a free tank slot. What they are doing is rearranging the USSR tech tree and the KV will change to the KV-1 and KV-2. The KV is a pretty good tank, unless you are a hater like Melongeed.... I am pretty sure I read that if you have the KV3 in your garage it is getting rearranged too ^^b
Ah crap ET is compicated enuff for me but reading this makes my brain hurt
Just download & install it Boags & do the 8 Levels of the Tutorial for a free overpowered tank & most of all enjoy ;)

The rest will be worth learning after you finish the tutorial.