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Your Favorite moment on E.T.

Discussion in 'The General Hall' started by WickedFizz, May 4, 2011.

  1. WickedFizz

    WickedFizz Well-Known Member

    Me again :)

    Just a curious questions because i feel we don't embrace the past moments of this ever-so-close dying game. :(

    So tell me what is your favorite/best moment or even favorite person you've had on Wolfenstein.

    Mine is...

    now your turn.
  2. noobItUp

    noobItUp Super Moderator Staff Member

    11 man panzer kill on node.

    I was still smiling the next day at work after that baby.
  3. Rainbow

    Rainbow Well-Known Member

  4. G-Train

    G-Train Well-Known Member

    Also, When i first starting playing, i totally owned maxxx 3 times in a row. Sadly, he was on my team.....
  5. nelots

    nelots Well-Known Member

    When I pushed some midget off a roof for the worlds best tk goomba :banana:
  6. JoKeR

    JoKeR Well-Known Member

    god so many i can't think of just one lol
  7. G-Train

    G-Train Well-Known Member

    hahah, im gonna upload the demo of that later for the lols :lol:
  8. Joke :D

    Joke :D Well-Known Member

    5 man goombah on ressurection, and any game with the Big Dogz and frog
  9. G-Train

    G-Train Well-Known Member

    Hehe, Woof!

    Yeah, stacking up and watching someone fly down to mass goombah was awesome lols.

    Oh, and another one was the rave we had at the pub on that MLB map with the funky phone booth :banana:
  10. Joke :D

    Joke :D Well-Known Member

    Hehe, Woof!

    Yeah, stacking up and watching someone fly down to mass goombah was awesome lols.

    Oh, and another one was the rave we had at the pub on that MLB map with the funky phone booth :banana:[/quote:12ljqqdh]

    playdead dancing and sitting in the phone booth ahhaha
  11. Black Racoon

    Black Racoon Head Poncho Staff Member

    This one time I banned this hacker for walling! Spent ages watching him I was so dead on he was a goner this time! Then I went to forums to gloat of my Victory to have my fav moment of ET destroyed when I then had to remove the ban on ulti for the 6th time that month.
  12. Death_Reincarnated

    Death_Reincarnated Well-Known Member

    There are may but alot of them involve using precision panzer shots in the most unlikely circumstances; especially mid air panzer shots of either myself flying, enemy/ies or both.

    1) On ET_Beach as axis - allies spawn on beach and I see one enemy running left on the beach behind pillarsfrom outside of top bunker. I aim several meters ahead, put on the binocs and watch the panzer hit the poor enemy in the face just as he comes out from behind a pillar.

    2) On Battery as allies - spawn far left and walk up the beachside. Get to the top and get rnaded but luckily survive however flying towards beach. As I am falling I aim panzer towards that area at the top and get a tripple kill (2meds + 1 engi). Fall into the water and survive lol.

    3) On goldrush as allies - jump of the main bridge do a 180 spin and while mid air panzer an enemy in the face on the mg nest on allied side.

    4) As allies on the map where you have to blow up soem toxic tanks - Lots of firefighting in the corridor that lead downward and was looking to target near the bottom while my team mates were strafing. Jumped up fired the panzer and it flew past between two of my team mates and at that moment and enemy moved from behind wall....right in the face.

    5) Replicated that pro panzer shot on Frostbite but got 4 guys (3 up the top already while one guy took the stairs).

    There was also an era of Phat and I just causing so much chaos in spawn when adren was still used. Both of us going med and just running circles in spawn with primed nades....I seriously could not stop laughing at how effective we were :D (mind you the enemy side had some good players as well).

    Besides those... wining maps with few seconds on the clock. Those hectic battles fought with 16v16 were quite memorable.

    Ahh the good times :)
  13. blusky

    blusky Well-Known Member

    playing ET competitively with blackcross, potentia, insight/anon/redux, clanname and most of all

    CLAN MR.
  14. Antagonist

    Antagonist Well-Known Member

    one of my most favorite moments was way back in the early days of internode madness when myself and about 7 other clan mates all tagged up as Fake Modus Operandi players and proceeded to 5 man MG every single clutch point or set up unbeatable mg crossfires.
    6 mg's in the bank on goldrush... the poor panzer couldn't even get a shot off let alone a player...
  15. Messenjah

    Messenjah Well-Known Member

    My favourite moment is from about 2 years ago when I got all nostalgic about the two years before that.
  16. Death_Reincarnated

    Death_Reincarnated Well-Known Member

    Yeah I remember the MG stack nest. Rushed in too early and got noobified the first few gos.....didnt make the same mistake after that :p (it was a learning curve for me). I gotta say there were a lot of close calls on the maps during that era...even with no SK or weapon restrictions...and hardly anyone complaied when teams were stacked.

    Yeah good times on Internode...once that closed dow ET slowly started to fall appart.

    Just wish I recorded all my gameplay footage...I just never bothere :(
  17. Akh-Horus

    Akh-Horus Well-Known Member Staff Member

    God after all this time I have had so many fun times when I have walked away from the computer giggling that I have lost count. None of it due to any ability of mine, just funny situations that have happened. Like currently my apparent inordinate ability to find OZ Chris with an rnade which makes even me wonder hehehehehehehe, I just fluke off with rnade and cross fingers so Chris - Im not picking on you!!

    Favourite players - god dammit, there are so many of you guys that have provided good times playing ET that it would take pages to list all of you. There are current favourites of course, but over the years - well , so many. Dougie for his refusal to get sucked into arguements does stand out though. along with this ability to be banned for hacking and not flying off the handle and just soldier on - sucks to be that good Dougie!

    I just wish I could have afforded adsl when node was running hot, it was completley useless trying to play on dial up, my early days as <UO> Wasabi Warrior on <UO> were my best times, probably a 8 man cannister kill stood out, shocked my whole clan lol. I was always lag freezing and getting neg ratios almost every map which was frustrating but still good times.
  18. WickedFizz

    WickedFizz Well-Known Member

    Hands Down.

    When HapPy got banned. :) =D
  19. |SILENT|

    |SILENT| Well-Known Member

    When Mozzie panzzed Joker

    and then ya see the /reconnect
  20. |SILENT|

    |SILENT| Well-Known Member

    all so when ya shoot them dead and they fall on u and ya get goombed

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