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Your Favorite: Song?

Discussion in 'The General Hall' started by WickedFizz, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. Bandido

    Bandido Well-Known Member

    For longevity I'd have to go with this. Dont play it that much anymore, but been listeing to it for over 30 years. Also they played it at my mates funeral the other year, now it also reminds me of him.
  2. bugman300

    bugman300 New Member

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  3. Sunncaeks

    Sunncaeks Well-Known Member

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  4. afkr22

    afkr22 New Member

    Wouldn't say it's my favourite, but it's a fucking good song that I've had stuck in my head since our game teacher showed it to us a couple of months ago.

  5. Golden_Tail

    Golden_Tail New Member

    36 Crazyfists - Bloodwork
    Trivium - Shattering the Skies Above
    Tinie Tempah - Pass out, So addicted, Till im gone
    Skrillex - Rock N. Roll Will Take You To The Mountain (Original Mix)
    The Prodigy - Memphis Bell
  6. Bandido

    Bandido Well-Known Member

    Melbourne band
  7. Baker Street

    Baker Street Well-Known Member


    PS nice mullet
  8. Inglourious Basterd

    Inglourious Basterd Well-Known Member

    I don't really have any particular favorite songs but this is been one of my favorite albums for years. I love
    this instrumental track Crossfade. Brings back lots of memories of good times this old album does.


    Love this song as well.........

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  9. Bandido

    Bandido Well-Known Member

    A rather unique two piece from my little town Mildura, rippin it up.

  10. Bronco

    Bronco Active Member

    nelots mate they would have to be the two WORST SONGS EVER!!!!!
  11. TheSmiley6000

    TheSmiley6000 New Member

    Two favorite's.

    Def Leppard - Pour some sugar on me

    Warrant - Cherry Pie
  12. Inglourious Basterd

    Inglourious Basterd Well-Known Member

    WOOT! Old school ACCA DACCA. This was the very first vinyl
    I ever purchased when I was about 9 or 10 yrs old and still have it.


    ROFL @ these kents... Yes kids, this was the seventies ;>

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  13. cccdfern

    cccdfern Administrator Staff Member

    one for the past:
    and one for the present:
  14. Sunncaeks

    Sunncaeks Well-Known Member

    14 year-old detected.
  15. G-Train

    G-Train Well-Known Member

    Hehe, Smix is on the right track, 2 classics right there.

    R.I.P. Jani Lane :(
  16. Bandido

    Bandido Well-Known Member

    I went to pubs in the early 80"s in Perth just like this, lol. Just didn't have Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious on stage.

  17. Sunncaeks

    Sunncaeks Well-Known Member

    Sticking with the Sabbath. Personal drinking anthem.

  18. Bandido

    Bandido Well-Known Member

    Lost my post, anyway Ozzy again

  19. Lucky

    Lucky TF2 Leader

    here is some music i listen to :)
    Classic Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak

    living colour - Cult of personality


    Taberah - Brothers of the fire
  20. Bogan

    Bogan Well-Known Member

    Thin Lizzy "The boys r back in town" does it for me

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