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Your Favorite: Song?


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Yeah Badido any ZZ top stuff is shithot, what about "no secrets" by The Angels? or any other Angels songs "take a long line" etc, great oz band


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After reading your post I stayed up to 2am listening to the Angels and a few others on u-tube.

One for Boages.


This is the earliest Aussie punk I can recall


anyone remember Budgie?


How good is this classic

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Bandido said:
How good is this classic
Great classic Bandi! Its one of the very first songs I learned on the guitar along with this classic lol


Damn this song makes me feel old hahaaha ;>

Machine Head was the very first vinyl album I owned. My sister gave it to me for my 10th birthday and I still have it. Its a bit warped because I left it in the sun at some stage but it still plays OK.... not that I play it anymore. :)

PS. Smoke on the water is definitely not one of my favorites but you got me thinking about old classics, so posted :D
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On the topic of favorites...

Led Zeppelin is my #1 favourite band and Jimmy page is my #1 favorite Songwriter/guitarist.

Most of Led Zepps songs are my favorites and can play some of them note for note on guitar.

Here are just a couple of example's of the first two great classics I learned to play...


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Bandido said:
Haha IB, ever seen this b4
lol, have now mate :)

Some favorites off one of my favorite Sabbath albums...



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IB, seen these four Aussie sisters?

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this is one of my favs

of course its with one of my fav shows of all time
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Dopest rapper ever, raps about actual good stuff , none of this mainstream..

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Nice bandido I prefer the original by RedGums it's actually on my playlist listen to it at work haha :)

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Check out the expression on this drummers face. He loves to drum.

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