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    A Journey to the End of Time

    Didnt watch the film (might do) but tbh sciences' explanation of the origins of the universe are about as believeable and provable, and quite possibly even further fetched, as one of those mesopotamian/anatolian civilisations creation stories of some god/s spunking in the sea - something to do...
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    Banned from dBd??

    aw, why'd you spoil the fun for everyone else :trump:
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    Where's the derpbox?????????

    the /join and other commands are listed on the Help menu, next to Options menu, 2 icons at top right of chat box. no idea what to do with them though. basically I have no idea how to make it work xd - maybe it's because it's not fully sorted yet. I hope this info helps. I imagine the chat...
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    Where's the derpbox?????????

    I can't work out where to type "/join derpbox" , it only gives the option to start a private convo. Also whilst the dropdown menu under chat does list archive & derpbox, the former doesnt have anything on the page, and the latter option can't be clicked on, for me at least. tbh I did...
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    Thanks Teddles, really nice of you to say! I've just been being myself, so it's great that I fit in well here (being somewhat demented myself), and that my attitude on-server is appreciated. I don't take any sides until I know people better, but I do speak as I see things - which may be...
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    Good Reads - wip

    Titus Groan, by Mervyn Peake. Really well written descriptions, atmosphere etc. non-fiction - The Axemaker's Gift, by James Burke & some other guy. can be listened to on yt. very interesting. On Bullshit, by Harry G. Frankfurt. short philosophy essay which is interesting on its own, but...
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    Hello OZ Clan & friends, Been on the server a few weeks, and you seem a friendly welcoming bunch for the most part. It's a great ET community here - there's something special about the 80% down under/NZ flags just as it is, but you do seem a great bunch. I'm not necessarily put off by the...