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    Soundwave 2012

    lol slipknot were one of the worst bands ive ever heard live.. they sucked ass at BDO :S but yeah its a top quality line up almost euro standard! cant wait to see SOAD, Mastodon, Lamb of God, Machine Head, Zakk Wylde Black Lable SC (you just know thats ganna go off!) Hell yeah, Chimaria...
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    Extreme music.

    Clearly the most brutal metal song of all time [youtube:p9hf36um]zsnbYXyPvZQ[/youtube:p9hf36um]
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    Extreme music.

    o yeah both those albums are top notch! heard projects in the jungle and there really early stuff sooo funny... like 80s pop metal
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    Extreme music.

    such mainstream pantera tho bro i actually really liked there later stuff.. great southern trendkill, and reinventing the steel were top albums
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    Extreme music.

    yay spheres of madness got a mention!! also DAY 69 is also a boss song from decapitated was watching khrim on youtube years before he was in Decapitated.. was so happy (Yet sad) when he got the gig RIP VItek Thought id add a bit :P Bit of southern metal...
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    R.I.P marco simoncelli

    yeah soon as i saw him cut into rossi i thought the worst... then watching him just slide lifelessly.. you just new.... poor bastard
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    lol that bum fluff aint a beard
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    bring back lvl 4 battle sense!!

    wasnt a QQ was just an opinion i set forth and wondered how everyone else feels about it.. im sorry you find it so offensive
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    bring back lvl 4 battle sense!!

    ha you must be the man who implemented it judging by the response.. but im sorry fern i disagree completely with what you said, mines have always been able to be seen in pubs ALWAYS.. the old 6 map campaigns and 3 maps always gave you ample time to get lvl 4 battle sense (most ppl got it within...
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    ha touche
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    bring back lvl 4 battle sense!!

    hey guys just recently started playing again, was really enjoying it too till i was wondering what allies were doing instead of attacking i then went to spec and found like 5 of there 6 players were planting mines everywhere.. now im all for a bit of mine action.. but imo your recent removal of...
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    i remember when none to most of you never played here..,. it was my private server for bashing whiteys for months.... reminded me of the GOD server (games on demand) fun times
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    we get the odd game of world cup rugby between the 3am infomercials and the god hour of power im pretty sure most of WA didnt even know it was on
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    Dead Island Crash on Startup *Fix*

    im playing atm too G one of the most entertaining games ive played in soooo long... pissed myself laughing to the point where ive had to pause it over a dozen times 10/10 for the fun factor