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    Map Rotation

    Fuel Dump is classic ET and Glider gets my vote each time.
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    Rugby League State of Origin

    Queenslander!!!! Five series in a row. :D :D :D :flamer: :lol:
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    Need a tv package

    http://www.beechang.com.au/ These guys having a run out on Samsungs. http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/25463 Also this one has a deal on 40" Samsung 200Hz LCD. All the above are good value. http://wic042u.server-secure.com/VS3828 ... fault.aspx Samsung also having bonus on selected Models bought.
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    Awsom Mega PC

    An extra pic of all the GPU's in place. [attachment=0:2u0fx2ro]DSCF1813.jpg[/attachment:2u0fx2ro]
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    Awsom Mega PC

    Here are a few pics from OCAU forums about a completly over the top build. :flamer: [attachment=6:t93hywok]DSCF1675.jpg[/attachment:t93hywok] [attachment=5:t93hywok]DSCF1731.jpg[/attachment:t93hywok] [attachment=4:t93hywok]DSCF1732.jpg[/attachment:t93hywok]...
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    Bogan car

    Whats wrong with a Commodore? :o Damm good car. Drive a VE SV6 Sports Wagon, family rocket myself. :lol: Nice ride.
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    Current Map Rotation

    I would beg to differ about mp_assault, as I believe it is a classic map from RTCW. :D It is a little dark thow but other than that it is good. 8-)
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    Music DVD'S

    I've only ever listened to CD'S for music, but when around a friends place he showed me some of his DVD'S of Live concerts. When seeing a live concert along with hearing the music on a good system, I was blown away by the picture and sound. So I bought one for myself. I've always been a Pink...
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    To all playing last night 04/04, sorry for dropping to many Air Strikes on my own team. Had a bad one. :oops:
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    Daylight Savings Time Finished

    Great to have the Daylight Saving States back in line with the sensible states like Qld. 8-)
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    Northside of Brisbane, Chermside area. And thanks for the encouragement
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    I'm an older ET'er, if you class middle age as older. I have been playing Wolfenstein since the original Wolfenstein3D, I started off then with a 386 CPU. 8-) I have only played Wolfenstein, thow I dabbled in ET Quake Wars. But I came back to ET. I am a sparky by trade, have three kids, and...