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  1. Bogan

    I miss you all

    must get back into it as well
  2. Bogan

    A rockin Christmas carol...

    dam that's mighty fine singing
  3. Bogan

    Horus acused me of hacking

    just an old trick of horry's to put you off your game
  4. Bogan

    Can't play on OZ due to elstra

    probably too scared to play Horry when you see that im on
  5. Bogan

    Weekly ET Night

    some of us older players usually play Sat nights from 8 ish onwards all miked up, so if you are keen see you then
  6. Bogan

    What can be done??

    we are still here nelots
  7. Bogan

    Passed topcat casual application

    welcome aboard
  8. Bogan

    Passed Zulu's application for ET

    F1 from Boges too
  9. Bogan

    kicked in the nutz...

    you said it yourself no HW in fixed spawn exits how much clearer do you need it to be?
  10. Bogan

    A poll to unban catapolt?

    well said Ulti
  11. Bogan

    Et pub update

    hey human long time no see mate
  12. Bogan

    Catapolt's Ban Appeal

    you said you took pride in what you done? and you want to be forgiven for the huge shit storm you created? man
  13. Bogan

    Catapolt's Ban Appeal

    hmmm it was a huge shitstorm
  14. Bogan

    Poast Yow Bikes

    is that tassie ? fucking awesome place.
  15. Bogan

    Doam of knowledge!

    But oh great doam of knowledge Beechworth is no where near the beach what shall i do?